by Laura Jagla Skallerup B.S.NCTMB

I used to be a procrastinator when it came to my meditation practice. There were always too many other things demanding my attention and I would put off my daily reflection. Some days I would sit here, some days I would sit there, to be perfectly honest, I did not have anywhere that really was the sacred space that inspired me.

Recently, all that changed. I got a lovely, comfy zabuton. If you are like me (or maybe I am just a slow learner) even though I have practiced meditation for many years, I have never heard of a zabuton.
The zabuton is a large square or rectangular flat floor cushion that you put your round or crescent zafu meditation cushion on. It is like your tranquil island that you rest your knees on as your bottom perches comfortably above on the zafu. The perfect posture to remain in comfort for your whole session.

There suddenly you have the place that you can retreat just for contemplation and meditation. Over time it becomes imbued with sacred energy and assists you in quickly finding your center and making what little or long time you have for meditation comfortable and effective. There you can rest your prayer beads or sacred text when not in use to show respect. Every time you go there to your zabuton island, your energy immediately shifts because of the sacred space you have created.

No more sitting on the cold floor trying to find a comfortable position that will allow you to clear your thoughts. Your zabuton is there for you, insulating and comforting, supporting and inspiring. Anytime you desire an escape from the mundane and ordinary, your zabuton is there as the foundation of your meditation practice, the sacred space.

So just shoo away the cats (they are always drawn to the sacred energy that they will find there) and escape once or twice a day for a little or a long meditation retreat. Thanks to your zabuton, you will know just where to go for your daily reflection and daily prayer.

The nice thing is, if you do not have a designated room just for meditation, the zabuton easily moves from room to room, inside or out, effortlessly taking the sacred space along.

Author's Bio: 

~ Laura Skallerup has been practicing meditation since 1975. She lives in beautiful Petoskey Michigan where she has been doing therapeutic massage since 1997. Recently after becoming aware of the benefits of using meditation cushions she opened a web store to help others easily find and utilize quality meditation cushions to progress their meditation practice. To find a variety of zafus, zabutons and Thai yoga mats made in the USA, Please visit Invest in yourself and give the gift of happy sitting to your friends and family.