San Diego is the city of United State. It is the eight main cities in the United States and also it is second major country in California. San Diego is located in shore of the Pacific Ocean in the southern California. San Diego has natural deep water harbor. According to the 2010 census the population of the San Diego was 1,301,617. San Diego city lies on deep canyons and hills separating its mesas, creating small pockets of natural parkland sprinkled all through the city and giving it a hilly natural features. The peoples have built their houses a homes and businesses office is on the mesas. They leave the canyons comparatively untamed. The river of San Diego runs through the middle of San Diego from east to west side. It divides a city in to two parts northern and southern sides. The highest point in the city is the Cowles Mountain its height is 1,593 feet. The height of Black Mountain is 1,588 feet. And the height of Mount Soledad is 824 feet. San Diego city has 52 Community Planning areas. The tallest building in the San Diego city is the One America Plaza it has 500 feet tall. One America Plaza was completed in 1991. There are also many tall skyscrapers including the Union Bank of California Building and other us Symphony Towers.

Climate of the San Diego is one of the top ten best climates. The Weather Channel exposed that summer weather of San Diego city is best in America. San Diego's weather is warm, dry summers and soft winters with most of the annual rain falling between December and March. The city has soft, mostly dry conditions, with an average temperature 20 C and low rainfall 9–13 inches annually. The weather condition of San Diego is much like of California. The city has numerous hills, mountains, and canyons. The lowest temperature is usually in January is 10 C. and August high temperature is mostly 26 C. The rain falls are usually about 10 inches annually. Rain fall mostly occurs in the coldest month. Mostly rain is occurring through December to March. The months of May to Septembers are mostly dry. Rainfall is mostly heavy. San Diego has very less Snow. The official weather forecast station is located in Lindbergh Field. The temperatures of this city are very good. Tourist can enjoy alt here with good weather and deep canyons and hilly sites.

San Diego has a less crime rate in compare with other cities. This city is the ninth safest city in the United States. San Diego city economy depends on military, international trade, research, tourism and manufacturing.Tourism is the main and important industry of San Diego. There are main places which are the great attraction for tourists such as its beaches, San Diego Zoo, San Diego Safari Park also there are many historic places such as Old Town San Diego State Historic Park and Mission San Diego de Alcala. It is the best place for tourists to visit .

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