7 Keto, also known as 7 Keto DHEA, is a compound produced during the metabolism of dihydroepiandrosterone, or DHEA. Unlike DHEA, 7 Keto is not a steroidal hormone and cannot be converted into estrogen, testosterone or other androgens. Instead of elevating estrogen and androgen levels, 7 Keto has an immediate effect on metabolic function, body composition, immune system function and aging.

The problem with 7 Keto is that, while it is internally produced, it is directly dependent on DHEA. Like many hormones, DHEA production wanes with age. This hormone begins declining around thirty years of age and continues falling throughout adulthood. Younger individuals who have abnormally low DHEA levels will also experience lower 7 Keto DHEA levels. This can cause a variety of unwanted side effects including weight gain, reduced immune function, high cholesterol and other ill effects.

What a 7 Keto Supplement Does for Users

To keep 7 Keto DHEA levels high, many adults begin using a 7 Keto supplement. Although these supplements provide a wide range of benefits, their primary use is as a weight loss aid. Studies have shown that people who take a daily 7 Keto supplement can reduce their body fat and increase their fat free mass, especially when combined with exercise and a low-calorie diet plan.

Using a 7 Keto supplement facilitates weight loss two different ways. The first way is by increasing metabolic function by regulating thyroid function. Specifically, 7 Keto boosts thyroid hormone secretion. These are the hormones that regulate body temperature and metabolic function. Increasing thyroid hormone secretion induces thermogenesis by raising body temperature which triggers lipolysis and helps the body burn existing body fat.

In addition to manipulating the thyroid into igniting thermogenesis, using a 7 Keto supplement will also enhance fatty acid metabolism. 7 Keto increases the production of several vital enzymes that make the liver cells convert fatty acids into energy. This doesn’t just support optimal liver function; it reduces the amount of free fatty acids in the blood and prevents these acids from being stored as body fat. These two actions allow 7 Keto DHEA to stimulate natural fat loss without the use of stimulants.

Will a 7 Keto Supplement Really Increase 7 Keto DHEA?

While naturally produced 7 Keto DHEA is exceptionally beneficial, many question whether a 7 Keto Supplement will really produce results. Fortunately, studies have shown that 7 Keto is highly bioavailable when consumed in supplement form. Once 7 Keto is consumed, the compound quickly penetrates into the bloodstream and begins increasing plasma levels. One study conducted at the Chicago Center for Clinical Research found that the highest levels are typically noticed approximately two hours after consumption.

Along with being bioavailable, 7 Keto supplements are also safe. Because 7 Keto DHEA cannot be converted into estrogen or androgens, it will not increase testosterone or estrogen to unnatural or unsafe levels. The substance is stimulant free, will not increase the heart rate and will benefit a number of bodily systems ranging from the immune system to the brain.

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