Do you dream of getting rich? Well, a very simple book called ‘The Science of Getting Rich’ written by Wallace D. Wattles a century ago sets out how anyone can become rich. This is Part 2 of a 3 part article series. It is recommended to read the entire book but this 3 part article will give you a handy rundown of the key concepts and ideas explored in the book.
If you have read part 1 of this article called “The Science of Getting Rich - How Anyone Become Rich - Part 1” then you will already have discovered that everybody has the right to be rich; that we must get rich in order that we can increase life and live more. We can do so by doing things in a certain way. Here in Part 2 we explore this concept further.
According the Wattles, you must be thinking in the Certain Way. By that he means having a clear and definite picture continually in your mind; the unshakable purpose and unwavering Faith that the thing you desire is already yours will bring it about.
To set about getting rich you must learn how to use the wall upon yourself. It’s important not to force others to do what you wish done. When you have the picture of your desire strong in your mind all things in the universe are stirred toward bringing what you want into being. There is no room for doubt or unbelief. You must guard your thoughts from poverty if you want to become rich. The poor cannot be helped through charity alone; they need inspiration. Getting rich is, according to Wattles, the best way of helping the poor.
Creation NOT Competition
Further use of the wall - you cannot attain wealth if you hold opposing images of poverty and wealth in your mind. So, there’s no point talking about past financial disasters if you want to focus on getting rich. Think of yourself as becoming rich, instead of growing out of poverty. Be creative, rather than competitive and you will attain riches.
It’s not enough to rely on thoughts alone. You must also be acting in the certain way so that you can take what is yours when it comes to you. By thought, the thing you want is bought to you; by action you receive it. Hold onto the vision of what you want and act now upon the people and things in your present environment. Put your whole mind into the present action. You cannot act in the past or indeed in the future as it hasn’t arrived yet.
You cannot foresee the results of even the most trivial act. Therefore, do every day all that can be done. This is what Wattles calls efficient action. However, don’t overwork or rush blindly into your business. It’s not the number of things you do, but the efficiency of each action that counts. If you spend your life doing each act efficiently, and putting power into it, you cannot fail. Your whole life will be a success and you will become rich. Use your leisure hours to use your imagination and develop your mind, focusing on developing the details of your vision.
Getting into the Right Business
You can become successful in any business if you have the right faculties and skills. These are your tools. However, it will be easier to succeed by getting into the right business and using these tools in the right way. It is best to select the business for which you have the best developed talent and ideally one which you have a strong desire for. Desire brings power. This will result in your getting rich more easily and also with the most satisfaction. You may have to spend time doing what you do not like in order that you make it possible to do what you want. The best way, generally, to change business or environment is through growth. Although, be ready to make a sudden change if the right opportunity is presented. Being creative rather than competitive will mean you’ll never have to act hastily. If one space is taken, another one will open for you a little farther on. When in doubt, wait; contemplate your vision and cultivate gratitude. This will bring your mind into such close relationship with what Wattles calls, the Supreme, that you will make no mistake when you do act.

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The Science of Getting Rich may be a hundred years old but Wattles' ideas are as relevant today as they ever were. The science of getting rich is not about following a pre-defined formula for success – first step one, then step two, then step three, then retire on a beach with a margarita in your hand – but rather it is all about the way you think and act.
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