: Do you dream of getting rich? Well, a very simple book called ‘The Science of Getting Rich’ written by Wallace D. Wattles a century ago sets out how anyone can become rich. This is Part 3 of a 3 part article series. It is recommended to read the entire book but this 3 part article will give you a handy rundown of the key concepts and ideas explored in the book.
If you have read part 2 of this article called “The Science of Getting Rich - How Anyone Can Become Rich - Part 2” then you will already have discovered that being creation oriented rather than competitive and; thinking and acting in a Certain Way will result in you becoming rich. Here in Part 3 we further explore practices in the science of getting rich.
In business, the key-thought in all your efforts must be to convey THE IMPRESSION OF INCREASE in other people’s minds. Continuous advancement and increase in life is what all men and women are seeking. People are attracted to those who can give them more of the means of life and this attraction will result in you becoming rich. Therefore, no matter how small the transaction, even the selling of a stick of candy, put into it the thought of increase into the mind of the customer. Hold the unshakable faith in yourself, that you are in the way of increase and let it permeate every action. Don’t boast of your success or seek power over other men. Beware the competitive mind! What you want for you, you must want for everybody.
The Advancing Man
THE ADVANCING MAN is one who holds a clear vision of himself as successful in his field, who obeys the laws of faith and purpose, and gratitude. No matter whether you’re a wage-earner or a businessman; whether you’re a doctor, teacher, clergyman etc., you will attract a large loyal following and never be “out of a job”! The man who is certain to advance is one who knows what he wants and can become. Do not try to fill more of your present place with a view to pleasing your employer; rather, do it with the idea of advancing yourself. When an opportunity to be more than you are now is presented and you feel impelled towards it, take it. It will be the first step toward a greater opportunity. There is no such thing in the universe as a lack of opportunity for the man who is living the advancing life.
Some cautions and concluding observations – There is no limited supply of wealth. Governments keep the masses in poverty only because the masses allow this to happen by not thinking and acting in a Certain Way. If the masses were to move forward as suggested in this book; all systems would have to modify to accommodate this forward movement. The more men get rich on the competitive plane, the worse for others. Also, don’t spend any time worrying about how you will meet possible emergencies. Concern your mind with doing today’s work in a perfectly successful manner. No possible combination of circumstance can defeat a man or woman who is proceeding to get rich in the Certain Way.
Guard Your Speech
Guard your speech. Never speak of yourself, your affairs, or of anything else in a discouraged or discouraging way. Never admit the possibility of failure. Never speak of times as being hard, or of business conditions as being doubtful. When you operate on the creative plane, you can create what you want. When others are having hard times and poor business, you will find your greatest opportunities. Train yourself to think of and look upon the world as something which is becoming, growing. Never allow yourself to be disappointed. If you do not receive the thing you want, go on in the Certain Way, and you will receive something so much better. You will see that the seeming failure was really a great success. When you make a “failure”, it is because you have not asked for enough! Do not hesitate or waver with fear, go on in full faith.
While you are getting firmly established in this faith, you will do well to give up recreations and pleasure; and to stay away from places that conflict with the ideas in this book. Don’t read or listen to pessimistic or conflicting ideas. Spend most of your leisure time contemplating your vision, and in cultivating gratitude, and in reading this book.
The riches you will receive will be in exact proportion to the definiteness of your vision, the fixity of your purpose, the steadiness of your faith, and the depth of your gratitude.

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The Science of Getting Rich may be a hundred years old but Wattles' ideas are as relevant today as they ever were. The science of getting rich is not about following a pre-defined formula for success – first step one, then step two, then step three, then retire on a beach with a margarita in your hand – but rather it is all about THE WAY YOU THINK AND ACT. Make sure you have read ‘The Science of Getting rich - How Anyone Can Become Rich – Parts 1 and 2’. Sign up right now for Millionaire Mindset Secrets for FREE, you'll get instant access to insider secrets about the Science of Getting Rich - www.millionairemindsetsecrets.com