I must admit that I always enjoyed and identified with the intellectual part of study. During my training Biochemistry was my favourite subject and I see now looking back that this was because I always felt “safe” with science. Science means the “study of the physical and natural world” so no wonder our left brain always felt at home. However over the years of observing my horses I began to realise that they operated from another “consciousness”. I noticed that when they were in need of healing they “knew” and would instinctively source the herbs and plants I had spent years “studying”
As I began to observe the “Natural world” of the horse I saw how, unlike us they primarily relied on their instincts/intuition......and that for us humans in our need for things to be validated through science we had lost our way
Science is now being rocked to the core of its beliefs and our left brain now has to “expand” its boundaries to take in all this new information and understand how it changes the way we perceive things
Just this week researchers in Europe have found a subatomic particle travelling faster than the speed of light, challenging one of the pillars of physics, Einstein’s theory of relativity.
It has always been thought too that our DNA is responsible for our health and wellbeing but now research in “epigenetic control" is leading us in a new direction. The new belief is that it is our ENVIRONMENT that controls our DNA............an “environment” made up of our intentions, thoughts and attitudes
New philosophy states that DNA is not random and that there must be higher intelligence controlling the “messenger’ RNA.
With our work at Holistequine again this “science” is being validated and through our Whole Body Intelligence process we are becoming more and more aware of how horses can change our vibration. They do this by mirroring back to us our spiritual potential, helping us to change and reassess old beliefs, attitudes and negative programs and replacing them with positive thinking which sets a new higher vibration for change within our “inner environment” ...............in other words our horses can change our lives by instilling in us a new EXPERIENTIAL reference point and unlock the coding within our DNA taking us from self destruction to self mastery...........the key to achieving this is a phenomenon called Entrainment.
We have all unknowingly experienced Entrainment...it is a phenomenon whereby cells, people, even clocks in certain situations all synchronize together. In the example of our horses .............they have the power to change us by resonating and showing us how to synchronize with our own vibration of unconditional love
Our work with horses has led us to the belief that as part of our evolutionary journey our DNA is on a “time lock” and that as we change our beliefs, attitudes and intentions we unlock our inner potential. That because our horses are a higher vibrations in “service to man” this resonates with our own destiny.
We can only BE in this new state of consciousness by hardwiring the EXPERIENCE of it. Changing our habits of thinking cannot be altered by the SAME practice (i.e. by thinking about it), for example you cannot get the benefits of meditation by reading about the practise of meditation.............you have to experience it and because “experience” is outside the range of our 5 senses (and our left brain) change has to be introduced by another medium, in this case it comes through our horses who ARE IN this state naturally.
New science from people like Bruce Lipton Ph now confirms that we CAN change our DNA to become masters of our own lives. In the same way our horses at Holistequine become a mirror to show us how we can “switch” the level of consciousness from victimhood to co-creator................In our complicated lives it will be the simple things that have the most profound effect

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Veronica Garrett runs courses, sessions and practitioner training with horses in Equine Assisted Life Coaching to maximize human potential