Without sex, there is no evolution or reproduction. The entire life cycle stops without sex, isn’t it? All great theories have inferred that we all as human beings are born to carry forward our next generation. Have we ever pondered over the differences that arise between the two genders from the time they are in the womb? Besides the physical disparities that differentiate a man from a woman or a boy from a girl, there are many psychosomatic differences that separate them. How did this division evolve? Sex has remained a mystery most of the time. Sex has originated since the time mankind has evolved.
In the renowned book “The Masterpiece – The evolution of genetics and Sexuality “It has been quoted that sex is the queen of problems in evolutionary biology. Darwin and Mendel have been one of the most known researchers who have solved various qualms and uncertainties. The origin of gender and sexual reproduction has been difficult to understand and infer.

It is surprising how science and evolution can make a sperm develops into an offspring and later into a human being. The evolutionary theory and the learning theory have however have been of aid in understanding the concept of sex.

Infact many fail to connect sex with health. Sexual health is indeed worth studying and understanding. The overall impact that it has on health is inevitable. This is the reason why there has been a healthy correlation between healthy body and healthy mind. There has been an evolution in the way gender and sex is perceived. The various sexual disorders have been recognized and treated today. The hard facts behind the occurrence of the disorder have been known today. The reason behind this awareness and information is truly the emphasis given on science. Also the taboo has been transformed into study.

The science of sex has been researched upon by various experts. At the end it has been only following the orders of nature and no one else. After all sex has been an essential necessity for all the living creatures, isn’t it?

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