Of the many commonly spoken languages of Europe, Russian is one which you can include in the list. It originates from Slavic language and its roots can be traced to Latin, Greek, and Sanskrit. Russian is still the official language of countries such as Russia, Kazakhstan,and Belarus. There are many institutes which teach the language and they can help you choose the foreign language courses in Kolkata that suit your needs.

Russian is a great language but can be a bit intimidating to learn. When learning Russian as the second language, it might prove to be a bit challenging for you at first, but in the end, it will be a rewarding achievement. You can take up a Russian language course in Kolkata, to get training in the language. There are several CEFR levels that you have to complete in order to be a master in the language. However, if you get a certain level of proficiency, you can get employment in many major sectors as a foreign language translator or interpreter.

Translation is required in every sector and over the years it has grown many folds. In academics, we have translation studies and the same is required in documentation or for other purposes in companies. You can be a translator if you learn Russian language in Kolkata from an institute that provides training through expert faculty members.Also, foreign language translation firms employ people who are proficient in many different languages and this includes Russian as well.

Taking up foreign language courses in Kolkata offer career benefits such as the ability to work as teachers in the Russian language. After gettingthe necessary teaching certification, you teach the language in any foreign language training institute. Also, with a good knowledge of the language, you will be able to work and live alongside Russians.

By taking up a basic Russian language course in Kolkata you can learn the fundamentals of the language at your own pace, and you will feel comfortable enough to travel to the countries where Russian is spoken. The basic courses will help you to get trained in the most common words.

With intensive individual and group training, you will be able to learn the colloquial and conversational style of speaking Russian. If you take up an immersion course, however, you will need to interact on a daily basis with native speakers of the Russian language, and it will help in learning the language quickly. If you learn Russian language in Kolkata, you will be able to study Russian culture, art, theatre,andhistory. Taking all of these into account we can say that the value that you add by learning this language is immense. Learning this one or any foreign language can give you plenty of opportunities in several fields. The only thing that you need to do is to practice what you have learned consistently, appear at exams to test your weaknesses and head on to the higher learning levels so that you can totally master the language.

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Laxmon Gope is the academic head of IITT Languages Academy. She teaches the Russian language course in Kolkata with proficiency. She aims to equip her students with all the skills necessary to start a career or pursue academics.