This article presents a very simple and easy to understand message for all who wish to escape any medical problem.

How many of average humanity have the awareness that every medical symptom is a sign post or message from life. All the clinical symptoms of every degenerative disease will reveal the underlying dysfunction. What is the medical professions usual approach to these messages? Take these messages away or shoot the messenger of course!!! However what do we see when this approach is adopted?
As the underlying cause is not removed then the symptoms will always return or the problem will move onto a deeper level with more serious symptoms being expressed. All humanity needs to learn that shooting the messenger changes nothing in real terms. There is only one solution and that is to remove the underlying cause, which is to move from the contracted to the expanded state.
These are only two health states of being, which is either contracted or expanded. The contracted or low energy state is when the ego dominates. By comparison the expanded or high energy state is when the soul dominates. Sure an individual who has a strong focus on physical fitness can delay this process to some extent by developing a body with a strong muscular system. However as the individual slows down with the natural aging process then so too the net gravity effects of a strong pull downwards will always be expressed in the end.
The overall pattern is the hunched shoulders of resentment with a longitudinal sideways rotation of the spinal canal with a forward tilting pelvis. Due to a weakening or slowing of nerve function from compressed nerves from the spinal cord the muscles of the abdomen will also be weakened. This leads to enlargement of the abdomen as it slumps down with the added secondary deposition of abdominal fat, which is an important precursor to the onset of diabetes.
As this overall structure leads to congestion of energy in the lower chakras or energy centers of the body then so too you will see a natural tendency for sexual interest as the sacral chakra becomes over stimulated. This pattern is particularly easy to see in the pear shaped woman or man for that matter.
The direct symptoms of the contracted or low energy state are Migraine, Headache, Back Pain, Neck Pain, and Spinal Pain. It is the contraction downwards, which leads to constrictions in the flow of the cerebral spinal fluid system, which cushions the brain and spinal cord. These constrictions can lead to a very significant pressure build up within the cranium on the brain, which can be very painful within the confined space.
The secondary effect is the tendency to over weight with lower vitality due the fundamental congestion of energies along the spinal cord. The next or third consequence is the periodic expression of the healing crisis, which in simple language means to get sick with cough, colds, flu, diarrhea, skin rashes etc. etc.
The chronically thin person usually has a digestive inefficiency due to excessive impurities coating the lining of the digestive system, which is often dietary related. Long term chronic stress inhibits the motility of the gastro intestinal system, which will also lead to a significant reduction in the efficiency of the processes of normal digestion. Sadly the thin person will often display a more significant contraction of the spinal alignment downwards, which is due to significantly weaker muscular support of the spinal vertebrae.
While your search for the Holy Grail is outside of yourself you will never ever find it. The simple reason is because the over soul or Holy Grail can only ever be found within, which has never been any different since the origins of time. So now we come to the only way to heal your whole being and free yourself from all the unpleasant medical symptoms of degenerative disease, which is Insight Meditation.
Insight Meditation is the conscious awareness of facilitating the bringing down of a larger inflow of soul energy from the over soul into your being on the earth plane. The net effect of this increased soul energy flow is to dissolve the crystallization of ego and expand the intervertebral spaces of the spinal cord, which then leads to a straightening and elongation of the spinal canal. Due to the stronger energy the metabolic efficiency in your body is also restored. This is the only way to heal permanently the medical condition of Migraine, which is to include every other degenerative disease as well.
Here I sit in silence firstly becoming aware of the breathing. Just as sensations arise and pass away then so too are thoughts permitted to arise and pass away. Anything which is not held onto will eventually pass away altogether. In this way the vacillation of mind is quieted down. This in turn will permit the mind to become sharper, more clearly and finely focused.
Next we become aware of the increasing soul energy flow moving the physical body into a straighter more upright posture. What begins as a few sparks becomes a real flood of energy pouring down. When the alignment of your spine is just right then you will feel the switch on as Bunga is created, which is the mini enlightenment experience. Many meditations with many Bunga experiences later then one day you may find yourself in a very different place experiencing the complete dissolution with enlightenment.
Insight Meditation is a dissolving meditation. Once you gain the skill for continuous meditation, which is to hold your awareness within the soul energy flow then your future will be completely assured while you maintain continuous practice. Do you have the dull mind of average humanity or are you one of the chosen ones who has the ability to escape the illusion? Why not find out for yourself and begin practicing Insight Meditation today.

Author's Bio: 

My professional qualification is Veterinary Science. Over the years I have studied a number of other subjects as well, which includes Naturopathy, Homeopathy, acupuncture, kinesiology, clinical hypnosis and nutrition. For the Grass Roots Magazine number 186 April/May edition I wrote an article titled "Nutrition for Dogs and cats". All of this information is no where near as important as the spiritual knowledge. It is true to say that a person may survive a life with or without any particular area of knowledge.

However it is only the correct understanding with application of the spiritual or timeless knowledge that will enable a person to create a totally successful life! Sadly most of average humanity is so focused on chasing the sensational delights that they will not sit still long enough to learn some basic spiritual laws. In this way humanity would gain the ability to live life so much simpler and easier with far less pain and suffering experience!

There are only two paths in life. This is either running around in circles chasing the illusion or sitting still escaping the illusion. Eventually even the best chasers of the illusion will run out of stream and stop by default. How many lifetimes will you take before you stop to sit and meditate????

Insight meditation practiced correctly by anyone will speed up spiritual evolution. In the event that you may be experiencing some difficulties with Insight [Vipassana] meditation then it is highly recommended that you read the following articles "Immoral Action or Enlightenment", “Electrical Basis of Meditation” and “Meditation Secrets”.

For a number of years I studied with the Peacock Group in far North Queensland
Currently I am a Meditation Teacher / Insight Healer at the “Energy Healing Centre” in Margate, Queensland, Australia.
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