We all know that advertisements are used as a marketing strategy. However, what most people don’t know is just how powerful these adverts are. Sometimes you drive by a billboard or an advert on a wall, you may not even pay attention to this but later on, you remember the advert. It comes to you as a flash and sometimes you may not even be able to tell exactly where you saw the advert. This happens because the images you saw didn’t register on your conscious mind; however, they were registered in your subconscious mind. This is how the subliminal advertisement work.

Subliminal messages that are put in the adverts are what go into the subconscious mind. You may not remember what the car in the advert looked like, but you may remember the gorgeous woman in the advert. The model may not have anything to do with the car but this is the aspect that may appeal to many people who view the adverts especially men and go into their subconscious mind.

There are different types of consciousnesses. Subliminal advertisement appeal to low conscious levels and sub consciousness. This is because when the mind is subconscious, it becomes more receptive and accessible. Most of the time, the people looking at the adverts, don’t even realize that there are images that have gone into their sub consciousness. Your conscious mind may not even register an advert. You may not even read the texts any may even unconsciously block your mind from the advert. However, when this occurs, your conscious level goes down therefore making it much easier for the message and images to be stored in your brain.

Different products and services need different subliminal messages in order to be effective. As an advertiser, you have to carry out adequate search and find out which message will be perfect for your advertisement. Your message should be focused on the targeted markets. If its men, find out what would likely appeal to them in relation to your advert, if its women, vice versa. Remember, your subliminal message doesn’t need to be the major focus of the advert. It should be incorporated in such a way that it still sticks out without necessarily being too obvious or overshadowing everything else on the advert. Remember, what you are selling still has to be highlighted on your advert.

Subliminal advertisement are not just made of images. They can be made up of texts too. These texts are normally ambiguous and once they enter the subconscious mind, they will put in a suggestion of a specific action associated with the advert.

Subliminal advertisement are very effective. These adverts go into the subconscious part of the brain and therefore are stored as memories. This means, a consumer can make purchase even weeks after seeing the advert. The memories come unconsciously and are associated with the product or services advertised. This makes the shopper connect to the products without even realizing it. They may think that maybe someone recommended it or maybe you have additional information about the products. Whatever, the case, as a consumer, you will find yourself drawn to buying the specific advertised products.

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