Whenever a person hears the world of soul, he always show some kind of interest and curiosity for it. It is human nature that we show interest in those things which are mysterious and we don’t have much knowledge about them. Often people claim that the soul is the spiritual and intangible part of a human body. Nobody in this world has much knowledge about it. Although many researches have been done and numerous theories have been generated but there is not even a single theory which can completely enlighten you about the reality of soul.

When we talk about the Islam and study it thoroughly, we would realize that even the most diverse religion of the universe has not given much details about the soul within a human body. Only Allah knows what a person should know and what he should not know. Allah is the ultimate Knower of each single thing, and whatever He has kept hidden from us is due to the divine purposes. It has been mentioned in the verse of Quran that people ask Muhammad (peace be upon him) about the knowledge of soul. Allah told His beloved Prophet to tell the people that having the knowledge of the soul is only the matter of Allah Almighty and Muhammad (PBUH) have been given a little knowledge only.

There is also a difference between a healthy, vigorous soul and in a deceased soul. A healthy soul is free from all the worldly desires which can deviate a person from the righteous path of Allah. Whereas a deceased soul has only the need of materialistic stuff. It has no fear of Allah and does not care about the punishments at all. It has been said that when a person performs Hajj, his soul get purified and the previous sins of his past get washed away. Due to this, numerous Muslims perform the obligation of Hajj each year to ask for Allah’s mercy and to convert their deceased soul into a healthy one. For the comfort of Muslims, many splendid packages like Cheap Hajj Packages 2017 In Low Cost Deals With Best 5 Star Hotels And Luxury Flights and other, have be designed so that maximum number of Muslims can achieve the opportunity of visiting the House of Allah and to purify their soul from a deceased one to a healthy soul.

Basically the soul does not reside in one particular part of the body. According to Ibn Tamiyah the soul floats throughout the body parts and does not stick in one part only. Human body is completely dependent on the soul. Without the existence of soul in a body, it is nothing and a mere useless thing because only the soul controls all the body parts. May Allah grant opportunity to all Muslims so they can lead a healthy prosperous life with a healthy soul within them.It is only possible when a person keep himself free from all the worldly desires of the world in order to have a better life in the world here after death.

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