Many suggest that "luck is something you do." I often tell my patients that what we focus upon tends to become our reality, because we will likely do things, both consciously and unconsciously, consistent with that focus, in order to help make it happen. By sharing my following, personal story, I hope you may be helped to find what you are truly looking for.

When my son was a 6 year-old, Nicholas told me that he wanted to find a four-leaf clover, because he had heard that they bring you good luck. Unable to find one quickly, he became frustrated and discouraged. I tried to explain to him that four-leaf clovers are special because they are rare and difficult to find. I assured him that if he really wants to find a four-leaf clover that he needs to really "believe" and "know" that he can. I helped emphasize to him that as you "feel it to be true," you can and will do things and allow things to happen, in order to help you find your clover.

I had actually first suggested to him what seemingly defeats my son's initial intent: I told Nicholas that we could see whether we could find a four-leaf clover on the Internet. We found one on Ebay. After a couple of dollars and a few days, Nicholas had his four-leaf clover from New Zealand. After receiving it, however, he looked at me and said: "But, Daddy, I want to find my own four-leaf clover" (which, of course, is the whole point). After again getting frustrated while looking in our front yard, that is when I told Nicholas about the power of his own belief.

Shortly after that time, almost without even seemingly trying, he had literally found at least two dozen four-leaf clovers!

I have only recently discovered that within Rhonda Byrne's best-selling book, Ths Secret, she states that children seem to be particularly atoned to the concepts contained within her inspirational message. Her basic tenant is that the things upon which we focus tend to become our reality, as we allow things to happen and do things, consistent with this structured focus, in order to manifest our desires. "The Secret" emphasizes the power inherent within the "Law of Attraction." Although all the ideas shared within this remarkable program are not necessarily based in science, one can nonetheless benefit from acting "as if" the ideas are all-true, in order to facilitate success. I believe that the true wisdom of "The Secret" is its ability to captivate a world's imagination, by offering its heartfelt reminder of the true nature of limitless possibilities and the power of human perseverance.

For those who may still struggle to accept the "power inherent within their belief," nineteenth century philosopher, Arthur Schopenhauer, likely summed it best when he said that "All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident."

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I am a Pennsylvania licensed psychologist, certified hypnotherapist, and EMDR-Level II practitioner in full-time private practice. As a presenter for PESI, I provide national continuing education workshops for mental health and educational professionals on topics related to EMDR and mindfulness meditation. In 1995, I completed my EMDR training in Philadelphia, under the direction of Dr. Francine Shapiro, EMDR's originator. A former patient and I are interviewed within the 2011 documentary featuring Dr. Shapiro, "EMDR: a documentary film." I also host my professional website ( that helps visitors simplify their overall healthcare, by improving their emotional health with my psychology-related links, e-books, hypnosis and other FREE self-help programs. As a doctoral candidate, I am currently completing my research dissertation on the meditation benefits of audio-visual stimulation in pursuit of my Ph.D.