Are you having trouble promoting yourself? Maybe you find it hard to write emails about upcoming programs or announce events. You might wonder what is holding you back or blocking you from getting out there and letting people know what you offer.

Many of my clients have encountered resistance in this area. Let me share a few ideas on what this could be related to. You might:

- Be afraid to get out there in a big way
- Want to avoid the spotlight
- Fear criticism from others
- Feel too pushy
- Resist the idea of selling to anyone

Now, this is important so really give it some thought. I’ve heard people talk about sales this way. Selling is NOT something you do to someone. Selling and marketing are something you do FOR someone.

I am in a mastermind group for million dollar business owners and a new member said something similar to this. But many of the other group members see marketing as fun. It’s certainly fun when you do it well. But most importantly, you need to realize that you are marketing your business so you can help more people right?

If you offer acupuncture, nutrition, business coaching – there are people out there who really need your help! They don’t know how to do what your service provides on their own. They are stuck and looking for a solution and you’ve got that solution.

But if you keep yourself a secret and you don’t announce your programs, you are being really stingy because these are the talents you were given. If you don’t let people know about what you do, you are actually being greedy.

When you look at self promotion this way, you can see your newsletter, other sales and marketing tools as the way to get the message out to make somebody’s life easier and better. Can you see how that’s not pressuring anyone or being pushy?

You are saying, “Hey, if you’re interested, check this out.” It’s about pull marketing. It’s your duty to let people know your service exists and help them get out of their own way, so they can get the results they say they want!

Your Client Attraction Assignment:

If you have resistance to self-promotion, make a list of how you help people. Write down all the great results clients get if they work with you. Next, take in how you feel when clients get these results. That will help you remember that self promotion is just a means to help clients. When you come from a place of helping others, you are not being pushy. Instead you are being helpful to those who truly need you and want results.

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