Life is not a Rubik’s cube. There is no one combination that will get you to the finish line every time. It’s a constantly changing and evolving thing. In the same way, what brings us happiness in life is also changing. So, how do we keep up with these changes so that we can be the happiest and healthiest?

The simplest way is to unlock the power of your essential core values. By using those things that matter most to you in order to shape goals and dreams, you allow yourself to be motivated by what it is that truly drives you. This is learning to live in abundance and how you can be happier, be living healthier, and how to stay motivated in anything you do.

What Are Essential Core Values?

The first question that I am always asked when I talk about core values is, what are they? This is a great question and a good place for us to start. Core values are those things that we believe are more important than anything else. It is exactly this belief that gives the values their power to motivate.

Each of us has a unique set of core values. We are all different. One of the things that foster our differences is our core values. What we value is essentially who we are. So, the answer to the question, “what are essential core values?” is essentially you - the truest and most honest form of you.

Essential Core Values and Happiness in Life

I keep saying that if you want to be happier and learn how to stay motivated then you need to get in touch with your essential core values, but why? What makes your values an important part of happiness in life and learning to live in abundance? The answer is everything! Since your essential core values are those things that matter most, they are the things that will bring you the most happiness in life.

Without essential core values your accomplishments, regardless how plentiful, will not be as meaningful to you. They just won’t matter if they aren’t really what you want.

In some cases, achieving things which are not in line with your core values and deepest desires can actually make you feel worse. You want to be happier, but all your time and energy doesn’t seem to get it for you. This is frustrating and can definitely lower your overall happiness in life.

Accessing My Essential Core Values

Now that we all understand how important core values are to living healthy and learning how to stay motivated, let’s look at how we access them in daily life. Your essential core values are like a compass. They are there to help guide you. What makes them the best compass is that they will always guide you to those things that will bring you the most happiness in life. So, how do you read your compass?

Well, you have to start by understanding what marks are on it. This means understanding what each of your essential core values is. In order to do that, you need to ask some tough questions. What do you value in life, what are your core values, and finally what is the most important to you? These are all basic questions that will need to be answered if you want to read your compass.

Once you’ve figured your compass out, the only thing you have left to do is follow it. This means making decisions and setting goals based on the way your compass reads. Everyone has a different set of values and principles, but if happiness in life is what you seek, the answer is always the same. Follow your compass.

Learning to Live in Abundance

After discovering what is the most important to you, opportunities to be happier abound. One of the amazing things that happen when you begin to follow your compass is that you see much further down the road. You can confidently envision your path. This allows you to relax, breathe, and live in abundance.

Unlike excess, which is the state of having too much, abundance means always having enough. When you are living by your compass of essential values, satisfaction is easy. This is what it means to live in abundance. When you know where you are going, how to get there, and sure that you have what it takes, happiness in life and getting motivated are no longer problems.

Supporting Your Journey to Happiness in Life
Learning about your compass of essential core values and then bringing them to the forefront of your life is an exciting and invigorating process. It is also fraught with difficultly. One of the biggest difficulties will always be you. It’s a hard thing to tell yourself that you are wrong, have been wrong, or need change. It can be even harder to make it happen. Luckily, you don’t have to go through this journey alone.

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