A question that bothers both newlyweds and those that have been together for over a decade are how to have a happy marriage. There’s no shortcut that can lead you straight to a blissful future. The only way to stay happy in your marriage is to put in work.

You will get your motivation to put in work from your love for your partner. And when you put in the effort, they will too. However, this simplifies things, but in truth, marriage is not that easy.

The Perfect Marriage

The Perfect Marriage is an extremely well-written story by Jeneva Rose and published by Bloodhound Books that can teach you a thing or two about relationships. It is an entertaining and twisty story so you won’t get bored while reading the book. The audiobook narrated by Teri Schnaubelt and Neil Hellegers and released by Dreamscape Media had the perfect voices, according to listeners.
The Perfect Marriage is the author’s debut novel. Jeneva Rose had to face so much rejection before she could publish her story. The novel’s rights have been optioned by Picture Perfect Federation to be developed into a film or TV show. Jeneva Rose has also written stories under a pen name.

Dead Woman Crossing is another story of the author that became popular. Dead Woman Crossing features a detective and is going to be a series of books. Instead of the man accused, the detective is the focus in Dead Woman Crossing. The second detective story, Last Day Alive, has also been released. Instead of murder, Last Day Alive deals with the case of a missing child.

Sarah Morgan
Sarah is the main character of The Perfect Marriage. She’s married woman to Adam Morgan, and is a successful and powerful defense attorney in Washington D.C., as well as a name partner at her firm. Her life is going exactly according to her dreams. Although she is constantly working, she enjoys being so valuable to her law firm.

Adam Morgan
Adam is one of the main characters. He is a struggling writer and has not been able to finish a novel in a long time. Unlike his wife, Adam has achieved little success in his professional life.

Adam and Sarah’s Relationship
Adam and Sarah’s relationship has not been going great because Sarah is constantly working. The Perfect Marriage of the two characters get destroyed when Adam engages in a passionate affair with Kelly Summers.

Kelly Summers
Sarah and Adam have a vacation home in secluded woods. It is in these secluded woods that Adam engages in an affair with Kelly Summers. Kelly’s ongoing affair with a married lover comes to an end abruptly. She is found brutally stabbed and Adam becomes the prime suspect.

Whether Adam is guilty or not is something the courts can decide, but the ultimate challenge after Kelly’s murder is Sarah’s personal conflict. In The Perfect Marriage, Sarah, a successful and powerful defense attorney in Washington D.C., ends up representing her cheating husband. She is the only lawyer who believes in and can truly help Adam.

The Take-Away

The Perfect Marriage grabbed the attention of people due to various reasons. It is an excellent domestic thriller with an intricate plot. The psychological thriller has so much drama and so much emotion, but on top of that, it also has a totally unexpected ending.

The story of a struggling writer and a defense attorney caught the attention of many. Sarah’s life is going exactly according to her plans, but her husband’s passionate affair with Kelly changed everything.
Once Kelly is found stabbed to death, Sarah’s test began. She may be a named partner at her firm, but she can’t defend her own husband who cheated on her easily.

But is Adam guilty or not is not the main question. The main question, for most people, is why is the idea of a Perfect Marriage so impossible to achieve. Adam’s guilt may not the murder of Kelly, but the fact that he betrayed Sarah. Many people can see themselves in Sarah because even after getting betrayed, they would be willing to defend their partner.

The Perfect Marriage – A TV Movie

A movie of this name also came out in 2006. It starred James Wilder as Richard Danforth and Jamie Luner as Marrianne Danforth. The character Richard Danforth also played an important role in the story.

In the movie, it is the reckless spending and infidelity of the character of James Wilder that destroyed his marriage with Jamie Luner. Unlike the page-turner roller coaster story of so many twists, the Jamie Luner movie only received an average rating from the critics and a little success in the cinema.

The Secret of a Happy Marriage

So, what exactly is the secret of a happy marriage? Some people might think that just because Sarah Morgan is a successful lawyer does not mean she should ignore her own husband, while others might find fault with Adam.

On the surface, the skillfully drawn characters in the utterly addictive thriller The Perfect Marriage can only tell you about the man accused and his wife. A discussion group can discuss the st0ry all night long but still won’t be able to crack the code of the perfect marriage. Such groups may have little success with the perfect marriage’s true message, but it will be clear to a married person.

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What Can You Do?

There are only a few things you can do in life to live the perfect marriage. Unlike playing board games where you flip the board when you start losing, you need to play like a volleyball team where players must communicate with each other to win.

Do you want the perfect marriage? Communicate with your partner. If you keep thinking that it is you two against the world, you will be able to get over every problem. A lot of relationships fail because people don’t communicate with each other. When problems stay in your heart, they turn into hatred.

Be Supportive
You must be supportive of your partner’s career choices. Whether they work part-time or full-time, they should know that you have their back at all times. If you can’t stay loyal to your partner when they get busy, then you should reevaluate your commitment to them.

Don’t Run Away from Fights
You can have the perfect marriage and still fight with each other from time to time. Don’t run away from fights, try to solve them instead with discussions and transparent communication.

Do Activities Together
Find activities that both of you enjoy and then do them together. There is no better way of bonding with each other than having fun together. It doesn’t matter if you can’t do activities every weekend, but try to take out time for each other whenever possible.

Celebrate Small Moments
Whoever said it is the small things that count was definitely on to something. Whether it is the anniversary of the day you met or just a work achievement, don’t forget to celebrate.

Be Kind
Keep in mind that your partner is also a human and can make mistakes. In moments of anger, we can become mean. It is the show of love to always be kind to your partner. Remember your love for them even during arguments.

Is It Possible To Have A Happy Marriage?

Everybody wants the perfect marriage, but no one is ready to put in work for that. The perfect marriage is all about choosing your partner every day for the rest of your life. If you don’t turn away from them during a fight and keep communicating with them, you will be able to enjoy a happy relationship. It is also important to never stop focusing on the strengths of your partner. It can keep your relationship strong forever.

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