Having a weak will is often considered “normal”. Strong-willed individuals are admired for their success. While those with little to no will power just assume willpower is something some people get and some don’t. This belief deters them from ever attempting to change, or find the source of their lack of will power. Willpower capabilities are determined in our adolescent years and are affected by contributing factors such as home environment and family structure strength. Lack of willpower stems from believing at a young age, that being strong willed or pushing for what you want will create an unsafe environment for you. As adults however, this belief is harmful and slowly causes us to become self-destructive toward our goals, while our self-confidence begins to erode.

Willpower is essential for success in life. It is necessary to be able to set your sights on a goal and overcome obstacles and hardships in order to achieve that goal. If you are the type of person that feels as if failure is inevitable and no matter how hard you try you can’t win, this isn’t a coincidence. The world is not against you; in fact it is your perception of the world that is your enemy. This is due to your subconscious viewing every difficult situation as an impassable obstacle and causing you to give up long before you have truly failed. You don’t have the chance to succeed, because your own mind is sabotaging your efforts. This inevitable failure is caused by the deep rooted problem which caused you to view pushing yourself toward your goals as unsafe, while still a child.

The solution to overcoming this frustration of unpassable obstacles your mind creates is to tap into your willpower. To do this you must understand the underlying problem which caused this lack of willpower. If you think about this, you will notice that your will is affected by the negative emotions, impulses and thoughts that conjure in your mind.

These occurrences of negativity have the power to undermine your best intentions and most straightforward attempts at success and they often do. By experiencing these self-destructive occurrences you risk your focus and ultimately your life goals.

Many techniques to prevent these tendencies exist, such as meditation. They help to deflect negative thought patterns from taking over your mind. However, few people ever question whether it is normal, or, necessary to experience this negativity at all. In all honesty, the answer is no; these negative tendencies don’t exist within you as a natural state.

These damaging thoughts and emotions stem from negative memories. Even though you may not directly think about these memories, or even connect your negativity with them, subconsciously they are lingering and creating the foundation for your lack of willpower. Think of these memories as invisible factories that are producing food for negative thought non-stop.

What if you could erase these memories permanently, by putting your factories of negativity out of business forever? You can, and easily. Once you have erased your negativity, you will feel a wave of relief accompanied by mental resilience, thought clarity and a new found willpower that is unshakable. Even better is the fact that, you can do it all without ever employing, or having to learn outside techniques, like meditation. This is the secret to successfully acquiring unshakable will power and experiencing success.

All of this is made possible by a new coaching modality that helps you to easily erase these negative memories. Not covering them up, or learning to ignore them, but actually removing them from your memory. Contact me via the link below to request a complimentary 1 hour introductory phone/Skype coaching session to begin restoring your confidence in your capabilities.

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