How can you learn to instantly manifest what you want?

How can you speed up the Law of Attraction?

How can you attract miracles today?

It all begins by looking at this moment. That’s right, the one you’re in right now as you read this.

How’d you get here?

In other words, what did you think, feel, and do that created this moment?

Your answers will help reveal the secret to instant manifestation.

Most people manifest by default. Everything they get is largely because they live as a robot and let their programming guide them through life. There’s no blame or guilt in this. It’s stage one of awakening, meaning they’ve been living as a victim. Now it’s time to go to stage two.

Stage two is Empowerment. It’s where you begin to consciously use your given but latent powers to direct where you prefer to go and what you prefer to manifest.This power is your birthright. You simply haven’t used it before now, at least not with any consistency or awareness.

Again, how did you create this moment?

Most likely you have the same thoughts and behaviors today that you did yesterday, and the day before that. As a result, you’re getting pretty much the same old, same old. Nothing wrong with that — unless you want a change.

I believe you can live a life of miracles. But to get there you may have to make a few changes. For example.

Thinking. You’ll have to believe miracles are at least possible, else you won’t even try. This means your thinking has to change.
Behavior. If you keep doing the same things, you’ll keep getting the same results. This means your actions have to change.
So far, so good.

But how do you do both?

And how do you implement them to create a world where you can practice instant manifestation or at least accelerate your results?

Here’s part of the secret –

First: Becoming aware of your thoughts isn’t enough. It’s only a start. You have to train your thoughts to be positive. This requires a new habit. It’s not impossible. Habits are made all the time. Your life right now is based on old habits. So you know how to create habits. The trick here is you’ll have to consciously create a new one.

Second: Taking new actions will require a tiny bit of effort, only because it’s a breeze to keep the old habit going. Changing it means turning and moving in a new direction. You can do it. Anyone can. You’ve just been driving down a one-way street and it’s time to make a right turn. Hit the brakes and look where you want to go next. Now turn.

Let me explain.

You already know how to instantly manifest what you want. What you have is what you wanted. How you manifested this moment is the secret to instant manifestation. Become conscious of the process already at work and you can redirect what you’re doing to consciously manifest what you prefer.

With me?

Whether you are or not, keep reading.

In general, what you thought about, with focus and emotion, three days ago, is coming your way today.

Knowing this, it’s time to look at what you’re thinking and feeling right now.

So let’s experiment.

Say you want to manifest more sales. (You can use anything as an example, of course. But we need to do something believable (based on your current belief system) and measurable (so you have evidence this works). We’re still focusing on the three day rule, but in time you can narrow that down so you can “instantly” manifest what you want.)

When you think about manifesting more sales, what comes to mind?

In short, are your thoughts positive or negative?

When you feel the idea of more sales, how’s it feel?

In short, are you feeling excited or uncertain?

Again, your thoughts and feelings are what trigger what you attract. You probably already know that.

But it’s not quite that simple.

For one thing, it’s not what you consciously think that matters; it’s what you un-consciously think.

You can think “I’m attracting love” all day but if you unconsciously don’t feel lovable, you’ll block the attraction.

You can think “I’m attracting money” all you want, too, but you won’t attract much if you unconsciously believe “Money is the root of all evil.”

Instead, you’ll in fact attract matches to your un-conscious beliefs.

Obviously, you need to get clear of those hidden blocks to streamline your manifestations.

But how?

Behaviors are driven by thought. The thoughts may be so automatic that you no longer notice them. But thoughts lead to behavior.

At some point you decided the behavior was good for you, and you kept it. The thoughts behind the behavior, or even the decision, may be long gone.

So to change your results now, and part of what brings them is your behavior, and behavior is born from thought, then the place to work is within the world of thought.


I’ll say it again, differently..

To change what you’re getting today will require you to change what you thought and did three days ago; since you can’t do that (yet), you must change what you think and do today; and since it all stems from thought, you must change your thinking right now.

Making sense?

Again, how do you do that?

Where do thoughts come from, anyway?

You can’t predict your next thought. Go ahead and try. I’ll wait….

Where did those thoughts come from?

They appear to just “arise” in your awareness.

You don’t make them; you receive them.

But where are they coming from?

They come from your programming.

They come from the mental nest of beliefs in your unconscious mind.

You’ve been wired to think a particular way from a wide variety of sources, including family, friends, schools, media, government, culture and more.

Most of it wasn’t intentional. You got programmed just like those before you. It’s robots programming robots. All the robots are doing the best they know how, based on their programming.

But it’s still programming.

So, at this point you should understand that you’ll have to change your programming in order to instantly manifest anything. After all, your belief system is giving you what you see.

Before I explain how to do just that — which will be in Part Two — I’d like to hear how you currently try to change your own programming. You can post your thoughts as comments below.

Ao Akua,


PS – Careful what you’re thinking. It will lead to the results you’re about to get next. What would be better than what you’re thinking right now?

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