Are you making money with tax liens yet?

Do you go to seminars, buy the courses, watch the webinars, read the books about how to invest in tax lien certificates or tax deeds, but don’t do anything?

Do you get excited about making money with tax liens or tax deeds, and even though you have all the courses, still feel that you don’t know enough to get started?

If so this is a self-defeating pattern that is not getting you anywhere. Let’s change it!

If this describes you, you need to stop going to seminars, taking new courses and looking for the next new thing about how to make money with tax liens or tax deeds. Before you buy another course or go to another seminar, take one action on what you already learned. Maybe you just need to attend a tax sale in your area and see what it’s like. Or maybe if you’ve been thinking of bidding at the online tax sales, but haven’t done anything yet, Find out when the next online tax sale is and get the results of the last tax sale. This will let you know just how much you need to bid and how much money you need to get started.

You can register for an online tax sale. It’s always free to register for the sale, although sometimes you have to put down a deposit before you can actually bid. You can register for the sale, read the terms of the auction, rules for bidding, and do your due diligence on the tax sale properties without even bidding. Then watch what happens to the properties that you would have been on if you felt more confident. This will give you the confidence to bid at the next tax sale. It will also let you know what the competition is like and if it’s worth it to bid at this sale in the future.

Many of the online auction companies provide “demo” auctions so that you can practice before you actually bid a real auction. And some counties that have live tax sales will hold a seminar before the sale. The secret to making money with tax lien or tax deed investing is not a course or seminar that has all the answers, it’s in taking action. So get out there and do something! You can’t actually make money until you go out and buy your first tax lien or deed. Start small, with small liens if you have to, but get started.

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