Fear, for majority of the world has ruined millions of lives. It has literally taken control over people's thoughts and paralyzed them from reaching for the sky. As someone ponders what their life could be, a very simple, self-defeating thought enters their mind..."what if?"

"If I follow my passion what will people think of me."
"What if they don't take me seriously enough."
"What if they reject me."
"What if I do succeed, can I live up to other people's expectations?"
"What if I fail."

These self-defeating thoughts cause us to never achieve the life of our dreams but rather to drift through life wondering why we didn't have the courage to face our fear.

Can There Really be a Secret to Overcome Fear?

There are two schools of thought about secrets.
1. Some believe there are no secrets.
2. Some believe there are secrets everywhere but only intended to be discovered by a select few.

I like to think there is another school of thought, a new age thought... "The secret already lies within you."

At the time of birth you had all that you needed to succeed. You didn't know how to walk, so you set out to walk. Failure wasn't even an option. Or, you didn't know how to talk and so you mumbled and rambled on words not even worrying about the end result. You wanted something bad enough, you set out to get it, even if it was a bottle. You were able to switch from a happy to a sad state or vice versa in an instant. Nothing was holding you back.

The only thing you had to look forward to was being in the moment. You didn't think about the future, that's until you became old enough to understand what future was. And if you're like most you somehow were adversely affected by someone or something that has changed your life. Either for the better or worse. We all go through these experiences.

They are either your family or those close to you that instill fear into your life. It's at this time when you start to develop a level of fear for what could be. Fear which can serve you or not.

If fear has immobilized you from going after your dreams, chances are you're still holding onto these experiences. Morty Lefkoe, in his Eliminate your Beliefs program says it is in those experiences that holds us back. Even after we've grown up into adults we can trace back to when we were a child and recall an experience that ultimately lead to fear.

He goes on to say that if you want to overcome these self-limiting beliefs then you're going to have to put the experience in perspective as either fact or false information about yourself. Nine times out of ten you'll find the same thing with why you're still fearful to this day.

Overcoming fear means recognizing these experiences, just as you would for eliminating a self-limiting belief, as not something of fact but rather something of which others projected their fears onto you. When you begin to recognize that other people's fears are not yours you suddenly understand that there is nothing to fear. And when you have eliminated this fearful experience that's when you'll start to take necessary action in achieving the goal you desperately wanted from the very beginning.

You see, you literally have all that you need already within you to overcome this fear or any fear for that matter. All you needed was a little guidance to uncover the experience you were relating this fear to.

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Jerome Ratliff, a leadership coach with www.SelfHelpMadeSimple.com is passionate about success and how anyone can be successful. He believes everyone has a purpose, however, not everyone knows how to discover what it is. With Self-Help Made Simple he's made it his mission to help people discover their true self in living a successful and fulfilling life.