By Marilyn Ocean

Did you know that our emotions control most of our actions? Actions such as what we eat and how much we exercise. Let’s face it if you are feeling down you don’t feel like going for a walk or to the gym. We have all heard of “comfort foods” do you know why they are called that? It is because they release certain hormones within our body. These then produce “feel good” feelings. Our emotions also control many of the hormones in our body. The emotion of stress produces an overproduction of cortisol. Cortisol is directive related to abdominal fat. It also makes it very difficult to lose weight. HAPPINESS IS THE SECRET WEIGHT LOSS DRUG!

Emotional control is an essential part of a thin and healthy life. Pleasure is a powerful metabolizer that increases oxygenation and blood flow. It also decreases the production of Cortisol. Ultimately helping to burn fat and build muscle.
When you go out for a walk you increase your pleasure hormones.

Simply walking 10 minutes a day is a great way to start decreasing cortisol and increasing your pleasure hormones. When you walk it is helpful to look into the distance with your shoulders back and your head held up high. Taking deep breaths while you are walking is also helpful in both elevating your mood and oxygenating your brain for increased clarity. Start slowly and build up gradually increasing the time you walk. You will find that this turns into a most relaxing time for yourself. I know that I personally have become practically addicted to waking up and walking.

Oxytocin is one of the most powerful feel good hormones. Until recently this has been a little known fact.

We have an entirely natural means of producing oxytocin in the brain and in our blood. Nurturing another, caring for a pet, giving selflessly, engaging in affectionate touch, massage, meditation, prayer, worship and exercise are all ways of producing Oxytocin. Additionally this also creates more oxytocin receptors and makes these receptors more sensitive to oxytocin's effects. This hormone is especially powerful for women.

In other words, we produce oxytocin naturally when we love and are loved. The more love we give and receive, the more "in love' we feel, Thus producing more Oxytocin the “stress busting happiness hormone”.

So feel good and use these very simple quick and easy methods to reduce stress and give you the most potent weight loss drug there is HAPPINESS.

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By Marilyn Ocean

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Marilyn empowers you with the best and the latest breakthrough techniques for weight loss and goal achievement. Marilyn is a catalyst for transformation, with many years of successful experience. Her intuitive understanding gives her the unique ability to zero in and identify core issues that once resolved, lead to rapid breakthrough results. She helps you achieve your ideal body in the fastest most effective manner possible because she understands you want immediate solutions and long term success.
As a Registered Nurse she saw the emotional and physical toll created by excess weight, Diabetes and all of the associated disease states.
Marilyn personally understands the desperation, health devastation , heartbreak and feelings of helplessness that can go along with being trying to lose weight and keep it off. She experienced her parents & Grandmother’s body destroyed by obesity and or Diabetes. Having been challenged by weight since childhood she lost and regained more pounds than she could even count.
She tried every diet, pill, and fad as many of us have.
This created a burning desire to find the solution amid all the noise and empty promises of the diet industry. DIETS DON’T WORK!
Her passion to find the ultimate answer to healthy weight loss without the continuous mental battle was finally successful. After many years of research she has created a program using proven methods of mind body connection that work from the inside out using the power of your mind.
DIETS DON’T WORK. . Overweight is a symptom that is caused by your mental programming. This is why diets don’t work. She will teach you techniques that give you control over yourself and make the difference between a life of physical pleasure or emotional pain. ! To become thin you need to know how to think act and respond like a thin person.
She will guide you to install a new self-image that integrates beliefs into behavior that lead to your new body at your ideal weight.
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Marilyn is deeply committed and will be with you every step of the way giving you the tools and support needed for you to achieve your ideal healthy body in the fastest most effective manner possible. She is the ultimate resource to assist you in reaching inside and bringing forth your very best.