Covering letter writing is more important than most people realiase, it is so much more than a CV accompanying note. For years the covering letter has been growing in importance. With the amount of graduates finishing university with poor communication skills, and the influx of people with English as a second language. Employers now need a way of testing for a good understanding of the written word.

Covering letters are providing a great first test for employers and many now send there covering letters to a proof readers to actually ‘grade’ them for their use of the English language. What does this mean for you?

Well this has caused a significant increase in the number of people deciding to use a professional covering letter writing service to stay ahead. These services act a review whereby a covering letter is put through the riggers of spelling, punctuation and grammar checks as well as checking for flow, use of language and content.

The most successful covering letters are targeted and very relevant to the role for which the individual is applying for. It is all to easy to see if a covering letter has been written with the intention of being sent to multiple role in multiple companies.

It is also very important to show that you have done some research into the company. This is a great place to add your views on team fit and company ethos. The covering letter can and should also reference the CV which will go with it. This way it encourages the reader to study the CV and creates more ‘buy-in’ to the application.

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