Naman singh panwar

With great efforts come great achievements, such goes the saying. But to put effort into something, a person needs to have a clear idea about what they will invest their time and money in. With this generation of successful people making it to the top in very little time, one cannot afford to take the wrong decisions and invest in something that is not their forte or passion. How does a person make complete utilization of the provided resources to make it big from the present situation? The first step is to start early. 

Starting early has its advantages because an individual can correct themselves to grow out of them. Naman Singh Panwar has been an innovative and motivated young man since the very beginning. Even though he was more interested in games, be it PC or video games, he knew that he would eventually have to settle on something through which he can generate a living. The question for him, though, was how?

Starting with his basic education in Ujjain, Naman Singh Panwar opted to study Science. For his higher education, he completed his BSc and graduated in 2020. Being just in his early 20s, he had a world full of opportunities in front of him, and it was his choice now. For the basics, he repulsed social media since his main focus was making real connections with people in life rather than looking at the virtual world from a wider aspect. His work situations say otherwise. 

At the moment, he runs a blog that leaves the main focus on entrepreneurship and the other aspects of life that could help a person in growing out of their childhood ideas of what success is and entering into a world full of opportunities, providing tips and tricks on how somebody can make the best use of the available resources. His latest initiative, the blog page, is coming soon, with its Instagram account active for users to view. The Instagram page gives a glimpse of what the website will consist of and its services.

"The key to running a business, being an entrepreneur, and also maintaining a blog is quality and consumer satisfaction oriented. If people do not like the content you put out, they will certainly not look forward to it. I have worked hard to build this blog, staying up nights and being unable to differentiate whether it was day or not; that is how hard I wracked my brain for this. If I can, you can too. Believe in yourself." Says Naman Singh Panwar.

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Vasid Qureshi