There are a number of business owners who are faced with a lot of decisions while running their businesses and if these business people have to use fleet vehicles then they need to buy those cars or they need to lease those cars. Whichever method they choose the company will be the one who will be responsible for the entire insurance. The maintenance of the vehicles will also be the duty of the car owners.

The cost of operations will depend upon the company and it is for them to decide whether to buy or lease the car owned fleet of vehicles. fleet leasing, car leasing will prove to be an obvious choice for many small companies as it will give them an opportunity to rotate the new vehicles into their fleet of company owned cars and various trucks.

Most of these cars have low mileage options and the vehicles are also registered with a fleet of the maintenance company and it helps in ensuring the regular maintenance of the vehicles that are performed as scheduled. The decision to lease the car would also entirely depend upon the value of the vehicle once it has crossed its service life.

There are many companies who buy their own vehicles for various employees’ usage and they will surely consider the expected depreciation and the potential resale value when you have decided to buy the vehicle. There are other factors too that are considered like the mileage of the vehicle, its working condition and the market of the fuel will also affect the resale value of the vehicle hugely. Usually buyers are wary of buying used car unless and until they are able to achieve higher fuel efficacy.

But to lease the vehicles in this manner it proves to be an expensive affair for the companies as they would face a situation where if the vehicles have been pulled out from service then they would have to face a situation where they will have to unload all the cars. Then they will have to sell them at a price that will be way behind the actual price in the market. It will prove to be a huge loss for them.

The entire concept of fleet leasing and car leasing can ensure that whoever leases the vehicle should be sure that the whole process should not prove to be a huge loss for them. As it is the leasing company that basically handles all the paper work and it is at the end that all the vehicles are turned back in the process of final balloon payment. So make sure that whichever vehicle you plan to lease you know all the pros and cons of the leasing process.

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