The Ladybug and The Bully Frog by Caroleann Rice is an entertaining and educational book for children that talks about several lessons and issues about life, such as bullying. Its story revolves around a community of friends that cannot play at the pond because of a bully named Milton the Frog. To help the community overcome this problem, Clover the Rabbit calls on the help of a ladybug named Dot and seeks the wisdom of Solomon the Snail, so they can make Milton realize that he is being mean. In general, The Ladybug and The Bully Frog is a great children’s book that has the ability to foster the imagination of children, touch their hearts, and increase their moral values. If you are an aspiring children’s author who wants to create lovely stories like Caroleann Rice’s The Ladybug and The Bully Frog, then you might need to keep reading. This article lists down below some of the secrets to writing a great children’s book.

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