Building Plots For Sale knows that more and more people are deciding to build their own houses, or self build as it is known. The market is growing mainly because there is a growing demand for unique homes and not the mass produced ones by the big developers. Self build homes are popular because they are in tune with people’s specific housing requirements. In 1978 around 2,000 homes every year were self builds, this rose to 15,000 by 1999. However in recent years the figure is as high as 20-25,000 homes. Self builders often incorporate innovative techniques or design, however planning requirements, resale value and limits to the innovation of the construction industry all play a part in the constraints.

Why has self build become so popular?
1. Relatively well-off householders wanting individuality from their homes.
2. Financing self build projects in the last ten years has become easier die to mortgage lenders seeing it as a viable business. This has slowed down slightly in recession times.
3. Television programmes and exhibitions have brought self build projects into people’s minds and so they have become more aware of the procedures.

Self builders have changed over the years, it used to be typically people who were not eligible for social housing or could not afford mainstream housing. This has changed to people wanting an individual home, something that reflects who they are. Self build is often seen as a way of obtaining a better house than they could have bought in the mainstream property market.

On average most self build homes are detached, with four bedrooms built in brick and block. This is changing as the number of timber frame houses increases. There would probably be more self build homes in the UK if people did not think that finance, land and planning would be straight forward.

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