The seminar business is a large and diverse industry. Every day, thousands of seminars are being presented around the world. Many are offered for free and many more are offered at great prices. Products and services of all kinds are bought by attendees who are motivated to improve their lives in one way or another. In fact only a tiny percentage of these seminars and workshops are delivered by professional speakers. The rest are delivered by entrepreneurs as part of their marketing process.

You can be a part of this fantastic marketing opportunity.
You possess knowledge that you can share with others. You have specific information about your type of business and your products or services that others need to know.
As you develop and present your seminars you will receive recognition – as an expert! This will help you continue to build confidence in yourself and your presentation skills. This is also a great way to build your credibility and trust with current and potential customers and clients alike..

The best part is that you will fulfill a deeper purpose as you make a valuable contribution to society. The information and knowledge that you will share with attendees will have them finding new ways to improve their lives. Whether you sell paint, shoes or health products, you will be helping others do more, become more and achieve their best.
Most companies and organizations are involved in extensive marketing activities in order to promote their products and services.

There are websites, business cards, flyers, brochures, signs, advertisements, etc.

Seminars are a new, untapped marketing idea. It’s an easier way to reach dozens or hundreds of current & potential customers to show them what you do, help solve a problem for them and to build a relationship to sell more (now and later.)

Seminars will help with the following:

• Create New Business
• Educate Current Customers
• Educate Potential Customers
• Increase Sales and Revenues
• Increase Community Profile
• Increase Public Relations

In case you didn’t realize it, some of your customers believe the only products or services you offer are the ones they currently use! What about everything else you do? What about a new product or service that you’re now offering?

Author's Bio: 

As a long-time Toastmaster, College Instructor and Internet Marketing Strategist, I have worked with dozens of small businesses and solopreneurs to help them understand the power of delivering workshops and seminars to promote themselves, their business and their non-profit cause.

My passion is working with self employed service professionals who are passionate about their service and their clients. These people develop an expertise and naturally find themselves sharing their knowledge to help others. I partner with these people to create strategies, tactics and processes that turn acquaintances or website visitors in to leads. These leads are added to a personalized process that leads them step by step into becoming raving fans. As much as possible, this is done all in an automated process so people don't slip through the cracks.

I raise 5 beautiful children, live with my wonderful husband John on Georgian Bay. In my free time I bake, decorate cakes, go camping and canoeing and write.