There are important habits that help motivational speakers to excel as they expand their speaking career. Some get so motivated that they forget the basic speaking principals. There is a great need to help speakers to spend their preparation times in the right places. You can increase your visibility and create more opportunities to speak by finding ways to distinguish yourself. You do not have to feel overwhelmed when you consider the speech that you must give for a special occasion. In order to have success as a speaker there are seven things that you must do to succeed.

1. Research - Make sure to research the group that’s invited you to present. Ask them about a website or literature that they can send to you. Become very familiar with the organization.
2. Stories – Find ways to incorporate stories into your presentation. The people who are listening want to make a connection with you. Your stories will tell them that you are aware of their challenges. It will increase your audience’s interest in listening.
3. Practice – Always set aside time to practice the speech that you are giving. You can organize a small group to give you feedback on your presentation. You need feedback so that you can get better.
4. Passionate - It’s important to have a passion about the topic that you are presenting. People will feel how much you care about their challenges. They will know that you want them to benefit from a great speaking engagement.
5. Quotes – Using quotes can be an effective way to get the audiences attention. There are hundreds of books and websites that offer quotes. Also consider coming up with some of your own.
6. Empathy – Demonstrate throughout your speech that you understand what your audience values. You should also exhibit greater empathy by talking to people in the organization and asking them about their biggest challenges.
7. Conclusion – Use your closing to tell them what you told them again. End on a high note by encouraging the audience. Tell them about your expectation and what they can accomplish.

In order to become a motivational speaker you must have a plan that you will follow. One effective way to enhance your skills is joining organizations like the National Speakers Association and Toast Masters. It’s always good to get feedback from others who have an interest in your success. Use these organizations to learn how to give an effective impromptu speech. You can also get better by listening to other speakers and witnessing how they engage their audience.

Most effective speakers have a very high motivation level. They’re inspired and they want their audience to benefit from their words of wisdom. They have a great thirst for the value of encouraging others new knowledge of effective speaking techniques. The motivational speaker has learned the value of helping others to feel important. When list up others you are able to see the audience’s reaction and identify points that will motivate your audience.

Getting into the habit of \speaking will help you to overcome your fears. Create opportunities where you can speak in front of large and small audiences. There are organizations that look for speakers. Many of them are right in the communities where speakers live. There are rotary clubs and chambers of commerce that invite speakers. Also many of the sororities and fraternities work with young people and they ask speakers to talk at their meetings.

You should also become inquisitive researcher. Read books, visit websites and also watch videos. You want to learn about a lot of the techniques that you’ve heard about. It will give you an opportunity to think about how you might incorporate certain techniques. I have found many books and e-books that are valuable too.
A motivational speaker is hungry to give their best to every audience. They are passionate about their topic. They dig deep to understand their audiences needs and desires. The time to become a motivational speaker starts today. When audiences you give your best you will leave your audience wanting more.

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Dr. Stephen Jones is a keynote speaker, education consultant, professional development trainer and author of the Seven Secrets of How to Study, the Parent's Ultimate Education Guide and the Ultimate Scholarship Guide. Dr. Stephen Jones has 28 years of experience helping students of all ages to raise their academic performance.