As a person who travels a lot, I can tell you that these suitcases are our best companions. There are many secrets hidden in a suitcase but let’s unzip the seven secrets of suitcases. 

1.  Suitcases hand luggage is often chosen merely on the appearances of the suitcases. The suitcase with the best color combination and thing that gives sort of a handsome look would be preferred.

2.  The 2nd secret that nobody tells is the soft-sided gear and the thickness of the fiber. Many times we have encountered a suitcase which is heavyweight but often called as safe. I am not the guy that prefers heavyweights. I want to carry a light bag after the 8 hours flight. Have you ever picked up an empty suitcase and it felt very light, yes, I need that.

3.  The bigger the bag the better it is right? Wrong learn to embrace the fact that “less is more” and this is my 3rd secret. Many times we end up not using a few of the things we carried just for the sake of reducing the risk. Cabin suitcases are made to carry the things necessary for our time in some places. They are not for shifting our home from one place to the other. This is a secret that you learn from the experience of years of traveling.

4.  My 4th secret is the minor part of the suitcases. The wheels of the suitcases. It happened to me once I ended up on the wrong subway. I then had to carry my suitcase due to the noisy wheels of my suitcase. The time for traditional two wheels suitcases is over now. I need a four-wheeler which could be glided in another dimension as well.

5.  My 5th secret about cabin suitcases is the rolling duffel bag. I have had experienced the suitcases with portions in it which help us to keep the things in place. These bags can shove 11 dresses, 19 tops, and your entire makeup and still has room to spare. I know many innovative bags are available in the market that helps you carry more of the luggage. Rolling duffel bags in suitcases are surprisingly lightweight with more luggage to carry.

6.  My 6th secret is the ability of suitcases to absorb the liquids and smell of food or worn-out clothes. I know last time I traveled about a day from one country to another and I was shocked to smell sort of odor in my luggage. This is where the ability of the suitcase comes into play. The bag should be able to soak up the odor to prevent our clothes from getting it.

7.  The spillage of water or any liquid makes the whole luggage a mess. My last secret is not a secret but it's sort of a suggestion. I have had many suitcases hand luggage in the search of the perfect one. This search has led me to these secrets. After a series of failed attempts, I said to myself that I have had enough.

I suggest you put forward the things that you need in a bag. I want my bag to have good looks, high quality, good in functionality, and light in weight. I would not guide you to any brand or any specific suitcase as it would make it more complicated. All these factors are relative to the person using it.

Author's Bio: 

Whitney is a creative writer and content strategist from Threethinkerz.