A Quick Preamble:

I’ve said it plenty of times already and i’ll say it again now…drug companies and the medically trained definitely have their place – there are plenty of truly dedicated, super-ethical and ultra-caring medical professionals out there and i personally know several of them – i’m proud to know them…

…sadly, as is the case for every other walk of life or global demographic, there are elements – unfortunately, a LARGE number of elements – within the drug and medical fraternity, that are out-and-out “crooked” (for want of a better way of putting it and for the sake of keeping this post “clean”..!!)…and these elements have quite willingly put your health and the health of your loved-ones at serious risk…and will very likely continue to keep doing so.

All for the sake of the usual weakness – GREED…pure and simple..!

Cutting To The Chase:

Even though guilt for cover-ups, bribery and corruption of every kind has been positively proven, for many drug companies, there has never yet been any single individual been made to face the full wrath of the law that you and i would face should we commit the same type of crime in other arenas – no convictions, no prison terms – truly amazing – but not surprising when you get to understand the amount of cash that’s involved in the pharmaceutical industry..!

> > > GUILTY

Multi-national pharmaceutical company GlaxoSmithKline…a $3 Billion USD fine…yep, you’re seeing it right, 3 BILLION DOLLARS to settle criminal charges due to:

• Bribery…giving doctors cash payments or expensive gifts so they would positively market and prescribe their drugs…

• Dubious marketing of a further assortment of non-approved drugs…i.e. their anti-depressants Paxil and Wellbutrin were being literally “pushed” to be issued to patients even though they were not approved…drug pushing on the street would earn you time behind bars, right..?

• Cover-ups and outright lies when dealing with the U.S. FDA – the organisation that is responsible for Food & Drug health and safety standards…

• “Misreporting” (that’s lying, isn’t it..?) safety test reports for the Type 2-Diabetes drug Avandia…it was found there was severe risk of it causing serious heart problems for its users…

> > > GUILTY

To date, there have been at least five (5) U.S. pharmacy chains that have sued Pfizer – a major pharmaceutical company, who used dirty tactics and corrupt manipulations to stone-wall the introduction and use of lower costing generic versions of Lipitor, a cholesterol inhibitor…Pfizer didn’t want to lose out to competition..!

> > > GUILTY

This one is particularly scary and just shows that nobody is immune from the dangers that the bad elements of Big Pharma are willing to have you undergo, for the sake of greed…most vaccines are intended for the protection of our children – BUT – the two virologists working at Merck were not too concerned about that when they blatantly falsified critical data to show that their vaccine was many times more effective than it actually was…

There have been many more instances, of varying degrees of seriousness, such as these and this writer has no doubt that there will be many more to come so long as the worlds population are continuously persuaded, and even forced, to ruin their health by consuming modern day, heavily processed, additive and/or sugar loaded foods.

Not too many years ago, the worst medical issues and deaths were generally caused by infections…now it’s chronic diseases such as obesity, diabetes, cancer and heart disease that are the most serious health problems that the world faces.

The recent massive changes to our way of life, or more correctly our “lifestyle”, has moved us away from the natural-prevention of ill health to the realm of “fire-fighting”…that’s doing all the nasty things that make us sick and then using modern drugs to treat it – instead of understanding the cause and then ensuring we do as much as we can to prevent the chronic diseases that are our current curse…

…and therefore, Big Pharma is a BIG BUSINESS…!…in fact, it’s a MASSIVE MULTI-BILLION DOLLAR BUSINESS…

…which of course, is exactly why we ‘re continuously seeing the shocking lies and deception – for some, it’s well worth the risk of endangering our health..!
The Lifestyle change…

There is a “light-at-the-end-of-the-tunnel”…there are many people like you and i, throughout the world, who have woken up to the dirty tricks and BS that’s been going on around us and changes are afoot – Big Pharma is losing it’s monopoly and it’s throat-hold on our health and wellness.

Many, many people, including a good number of professionally trained medical practitioners, have stirred up the wind of change and are constantly passing on their message of awareness for the lifestyle changes needed for Natural Health and Wellness.

It’s pretty simple really…eating balanced, nutritious meals made from fresh, wholesome ingredients, as much as possible, with no poisonous sugars involved, coupled with some regular (gentle) exercise, the total elimination of tobacco and drugs and at least the minimising of alcohol use.

Another statement i’m well known for is “we’re only human, a little bit of what you like now and again won’t hurt you”…so, moderation is ALWAYS key..!

By getting back to “Natural” as much as you possibly can means you’ll reduce the necessity for the need of the poisons that Big Pharma love to sell…drugs are NOT the only things that cure health issues…your human body is capable of amazing things if you just maintain it properly – including fixing itself via “natural” means.

A Final Anecdote:

We may not always know the exact cause of a health problem we might suddenly incur – BUT – there are an awful lot of times when we know EXACTLY what the cause of the problem is…smoking, drinking, eating junk, stress etc…WE ARE NOT AS DUMB AS WE SOMETIMES LIKE OTHERS TO BELIEVE…
And after all this news, are you still going to give Big Pharma your complete trust..?

While i heartily praise the GOOD and HONORABLE doctors, nurses and surgeons of the world, mostly especially those who i am proud to call friends, there is no doubt in my mind – and theirs, that a “healthy lifestyle” is the catalyst for the prevention of serious and chronic disease and sickness.
* * *

A Final word from Hippocrates: “Let Food Be Thy Medicine and Medicine Be Thy Food”

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