Cricket as a sport has a long history. Facts about its origination are pretty vague. The sport was invented in England and the game has a history that dates back to the 13th century. Apparently there were records of cricket matches being played amidst churches during the reign of King George 7th. Initially the game was played with under arm bowling and instead of a cricket bat; a scoop was used to play the stroke. It looked like a hockey stick and was more predominantly used as under arm bowling was the only method used then. Only after the 16th century over arm throw was accepted which later eventually developed in to bowling and as the changes occurred, so did the shape of a bat which lead to our modern bats.

However, most of the records have been lost so as to when the actual game was originally invented. The first international game was played as last as 1877 between England and Australia which later turned into an intense rivalry between the two nations and the birth of Ashes. The modern day ODI cricket was formerly started only after the World War 2 and the debuted at the international arena in the year 1972. Until then only test cricket were played predominantly and teams used to tour for months as the only mode of transport were ships.

Over the last couple of decades or so, the amount of international series of matches held have actually increased 10 times than what it was 50 years ago. Cricket has a sport is a fun filled entertaining game. However, it demands a lot of strength and stamina to play for 5 continuous days in test matches and full length of 100 over’s in ODI’s.

Besides today it requires intense amount of physical strength as in a year a player plays for almost 10 months continuously. Apart from the high standards set it is very important for him to protect himself with necessary accessories every time he enters the field during a game. If not apart from physical wear and tear and other stress related issues, he is bound to get hurt during the course of the game.

The cricket ball is as hard as a stone and weighs 5 and half oz. When a bowler bowls it at 100kmph or a fielder throws it at you, the weight of the ball adds on to the vows of the player. If you don’t protect yourself or catch the ball properly, you are bound to get injured badly. Under worst case scenarios players have gone on to lose their careers as well as died at times due to severe injuries.

So as far as equipments are concerned, you have cricket bat, cricket ball, stumps without which it is absolutely impossible to play the sport, then you have the helmet, thigh guard, arm guard, chest guards, batting/keeping pads, batting/keeping gloves, inner gloves, shin pads for fielding at silly point/forward short leg, cricket shoes (studs/spikes), zinc sunscreen lotion etc.

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