Imagine the situation:
You, a common individual, got to know about an MBA, an owner of million dollar business, who was cheating on taxes. Being aware of the importance of paying tax, you felt the urge to enlighten the MBA holder. One day you chanced upon him, and you started, as this was one of those beautiful Moral Lessons that you learned in your primaries, with, “Honesty is the best Policy.” What do you expect in response?The Education was supposed to instill civility and morality in the students, but it failed. Rather, it played major role in filling individuals with cunningness and arrogance. God stays distant from such characteristics. Education is deteriorating the society. Hence, it is a ‘poison‘ to the society; yet necessary. It is not, in any way, necessary for earning livehood or social stature.

Whatever we earn has already been decided according to our Karmas, and no one, but Satguru, can change our Karmas. If you are destined to become a millionaire, no failed degree can impede you; if you are destined to become an indigent, no aced degree can prevent. Only Scripture-based worship (done after taking the refuge of Complete Saint) can change our destiny. Even the technology is not a product of education. It is not even a business of human mind.god kabir

You might have read the ‘Mahabharat‘ legend of Dwaparyug (more than 5500 years ago), when a carriage was used to be pulled by six ponies. And, that was used to be believed as something to feel proud about. Why didn’t those human brains work their brilliance then? This technology and intelligence is provided by Supreme God Kabir Ji to the humans. Even the Lord of this Lok, Kaal, doesn’t possess the intelligence to devise such machines.

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