Hope is the most beautiful thing in life. It keeps you going at darkest times and it keeps you alive. As long as you have hope, you will survive to live another day and no day will ever be as bad as long as you allow hope to support you.

Aside from the silly introductions, I am not going to give you a lecture on why you should have hope rather than how you can live by it. It's a part of my motto in life. We all go through hard times and when it's difficult, we might go to our church, call up our closest friend or mother to seek their guidance or we might spend our time alone in order to get an idea on how we are going to make it through that situation.
Every single option we go to and seek is one that would fill us with hope. It's because hope is the light that we want to see at the end of the tunnel when we pass away. Those people or places that you go when everything seems to be blocking the way are the ones that fill you with hope. It's not guidance you truly seek, but something that would make you feel better; someone that would spread a smile on your face even if their words their empty or meaningless. When you look up the sky in the morning and smile because they sky is blue, you fill yourself with positive energy and while that energy might not call itself hope yet, the moment you look away and look down from the window to see the cars moving and people going to their workplaces, that energy transforms itself into hope.
That hope fills you with life and even though you might lack it from time to time, you still find it at the simplest things. I like to remind myself that there is always hope. When I feel horrible and I can't stand it, I go outside. I look around to see anything that would give me hope. There was that one moment that I can remember to this day and it did not have any significance whatsoever.
I went outside when I felt completely horrible and I sat on the sidewalk, I looked around and there was absolutely nothing that could calm me down or make me feel better. It was autumn so the trees were without leaves and they did not look as pretty as they should. It was a very dark evening and it was very cold, too. Then, as I began to lose the bits of hope left in me I saw a cat. Of course, being a cat person, I saw that as a sign. I smiled from ear to ear just at the sight of the cat and I'm quite sure that my neighbor up till this very day thinks that I lost my mind because he saw me as he entered his house.

Now, if my story would tell you anything it would be quite simple: hope is always there for those who are looking for it. You can make things up in your mind, and hope is the easiest one to make. Just go to sleep and before you close your eyes think of five things that you want to accomplish tomorrow.
The next morning, you will wake to one thing: Hope.

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