There are several things that are certain in life and one is the fact that we are going to experience aging. The aging process does affect us differently, depending upon our background and a number of other aspects of our lives but for most people, lines and wrinkles are going to be a fact of life. Some people are going to age gracefully and will actually get better looking as they get older but for the majority of us, we would rather live without those signs of aging that are visible to others. In the New York area, you can use a Restylane Manhattan service to remove the wrinkles or you can use some of the newer techniques, such as what an IPL New York service can do. Aside from having these services done, it's also important to understand why you are aging in the first place.

Most people think that they age because they are getting older and although there may be some truth in that, there's actually a lot more that is going on in the background. For example, the wrinkles that appear on your face and other areas of the body actually have a lot to do with the fact that our bones are shrinking. As we suffer bone loss in the face, the skin that was tight for most of our lives begins to wrinkle. Additional problems with our skin can also occur, such as a lack of elasticity or the loss of certain chemicals, such as collagen. Those combine to make the noticeable lines and wrinkles that appear on our skin.

Something else that plays a major role in how we will look as we get older is our genetics. This is something that is going to affect us, regardless what we do. If you look at your parents, you will have a fairly decent overview of how you will look as you get older and begin to wrinkle. Of course, there are going to be variations in how you look and how our parents look but it is a fairly good indicator.

Those are the facts about wrinkling and there are also some old wives tales that should be discounted. For example, some people claim that having dry skin throughout your lifetime is going to cause you to wrinkle. Although it is a good idea for you to stay hydrated and to keep your skin healthy and moist, it will not typically affect the way that you look as you get older. You should take care of your skin, however, by avoiding excessive exposure to sunlight or by eating an improper diet, which will affect your skin as you get older.

If you have wrinkles, there are a few things that you can do to reverse the situation, even if it is on a temporary basis. We already discussed some of the techniques that are used for that purpose but you can also eat an anti-aging diet and drink plenty of water. Those will help you to look better and they will also go a long way in making you feel better as you age as well.

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Cherie Chow work as an assistant for a professional dermatologist in New York and is often asked by clients for anti-aging treatments. She advise them that there are many restylane Manhattan services that provide anti-aging treatment.