Blog posting effectively is really not so much an 'art' as it is completing a series of simple tasks when writing content for your readers! For the most part most popular blogs offer not only interesting updates for people to view but are also optimized in a way to generate more blog traffic! It simply comes down to satisfying visitors to your site while also making the content you do offer easier to find online!

Here are 5 simple things to keep in mind when writing content that will keep readers happy while also helping you generate more blog traffic as well!

Helpful and Unique Information

Your first priority is ALWAYS writing content visitors to your platform will have an interest in seeing! Stop and consider what good will your efforts be trying to generate more blog traffic if what you post is of little or no interest to people!

Descriptive Title

Most of the popular blogs typically create a title or heading to what they wrote that will be descriptive and even captivating to readers! Titles play a key role in anything you may compose since this is what people usually look at when deciding if they want to read any further! Don't let the length of this part of your post fool you into believing it is unimportant because without a good title most viewers likely will skip right over your update!

Keyword Optimized

If you want more blog traffic, and who doesn't, using keywords properly is the best way to turn up in online searches! When you spend just a bit of time selecting and placing those keywords most applicable to what you wrote search engines will tend to rank you higher in their results! Remember if you use your words wisely, the free traffic you get will be highly focused on exactly what you have composed! Use your primary keyword in your title and place your secondary keywords, sparingly and naturally, throughout the opening and closing paragraphs!

Internal Links

Using links within any posts that link to relevant posts you have on your site will make your platform that much more attractive to visitors! This is like putting a welcome mat and showing viewers how much more you have to offer in addition to the update they are currently viewing! Linking is a very effective strategy for developing loyalty amongst viewers by making your site easier to navigate! When writing content always make the effort to link to other relevant entries found on your blog!

Easy to Read Format

The last thing to keep in mind which most popular blogs always tend to do is to present a layout or format that is reader friendly! Using subtitles, bullet points or even numbering any points you are making makes your post easier to scan and refer back to for visitors! Also try to avoid lengthy paragraphs since large blocks of text can be intimidating for some people! In addition by breaking up your text you will not be forcing people to maintain their focus to prevent losing their place thus reducing eye strain!

Blog posting in a way that keeps visitors to your site satisfied is important but the most popular blogs also focus on attracting more visitors as well! When writing content any blogger needs to be mindful of the 5 simple 'tasks' discussed here today that if completed correctly will also bring more blog traffic to your site! Although keeping those most loyal to your platform satisfied is of great importance, so is your ability to continually increase the flow of traffic to your site! Mastering these 5 easy to learn tasks and implementing them regularly will help you develop one of the most popular blogs in your selected niche!

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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