For most students, the work is an integral part of college. In addition to cost of subsidies on the cost of living and lack of learning, it is a into the community, experience local life, a learning opportunity. However, for students to work in various countries have different policies and regulations, but also want students to understand before studying abroad, know ourselves and can only win every battle.

Canada: working only in the school
Canadian law, foreign students in the school to work, can not exceed a certain number of hours and can not affect their learning. Students working in the school library positions are, student cafeteria, student services center, but also look after other laboratories, collect information for the professor to do some work and so on. Some of the students opened the store in the city secretly working Canadians, the boss to cash, not tax deductible.

Canadian immigration law also provides that any employer to employ foreigners without work of immigration status shall be reported to immigration authorities, and apply a work permit, the employer is subject to financial penalties or even revoke its business license or a sentence.

07 the new policy, public universities and colleges in the study of students studying to work in the campus; students to complete college degree education in Canada, you can legally work in Canada for 2 years; students transferring between institutions in Canada no longer need to re-apply for a student visa.

Australia: The need to apply for work visa

Australian authorities are clear that the students work, according to the Canberra Department of Education official, the application must be aged students working more than 18 years of age; must hold a permit to work in the student visa. Offenders will be cancellation of student status, repatriation of origin. Specific procedures is the case, students present their entry to holders of Class 571 (student) visa, the Department of Immigration in the schools or students receiving work permit visa application form, and then to allow the Department of Immigration work visa application for a replacement. If approved, you can work.

School rules, students may work 20 hours per week, holidays may be relaxed. Cities looking for work can be entrusted to an intermediary, the intermediary fee is not high, but the choice you need to be careful. Schools also provide job opportunities, but very few. Usually Research assistant, tutoring and other highest-paid temporary work.

United States: workers have a 'work card'
In general, the U.S. government to work in schools for students not particularly limited, as long as students maintain full-time registered student status, do not need to apply for special permission. However, the time for students to work, the Government has a clear requirement that students work during the study period can not exceed 20, the work in the holidays can not exceed 40 hours.

But for slightly different types of workers, students studying abroad to the United States generally hold two visas, the J1 visa and F1 of public school students private student visa. According to U.S. immigration regulations, holding J1 visas must be followed by the formal nature of student work related to their studies; holding F1 visa students must be in the scope of work within the campus.

40 hours in the holidays do not have to limit working time on campus. However, in looking for work, you must go to the school's international student office for work permits. After, go to Immigration Office "work permit", that 'the cards.'

UK: working more than 20 hours must pay tax
As a popular study abroad country, the United Kingdom for students to develop a more comprehensive working policy. For example, you can work over 16 years old, the age of 18 work hours per week shall not exceed 10 hours over 18 to 20 hours. Unlimited vacations. Students work in the UK during the medication can also enjoy the outside than the full medical insurance.

In the UK can work in three ways: First Employment Agency. Work provided the vast majority of operators on the factory assembly line. Second, through friends. Usually work in restaurants, but not suitable for these students. Third, you can work through the town center is responsible for liaison work. After registration at the center can be found, such as cleaners, nannies, supermarket clerk and so on.

In addition, work is needed in the UK to pay tax. Holidays, working more than 20 hours per week required to pay 20% tax. Therefore, the students find part-time work, the need for timely application to the local BenefitsAgency National InsuranceNumber, the income of migrant workers for the total amount of statistics, as a tax basis.

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