The field of Metaphysics had taken a bad blow when people try and say EXTRA SENSORY PERCEPTIONS is something 'extra' you have in your psychic and this is not true.

In the science of METAPSYCHICS, we find that Extra Sensory Perception is really EXTENDED SENSORY PERCEPTION. No man has anything 'extra' that no other man has, but he can EXPAND the range of his senses and this will give him more abilities to deal with the real world.

By extended we mean a man can learn and train his senses so that they all act as one and are controlled in one place, by one source, your mind.

You have 5 senses: hearing, seeing, touching, tasting, and smelling.

All of these senses can act independently or they be can control by one source, your mind.

The MIND directs and enjoys what the senses do for the whole of the body and mind.

You learn to control all your senses by your SUPERMIND which is far superior to your SLAVE-mind which is mostly self-destructive.

In this way, the mind becomes the SIXTH SENSE.

But this is only possible if the 'soul' is transcendent to the mind instead of being 'in' the mind.

The SOUL can operate in the environment, body, or mind and the SOUL can operate OUTSIDE the environment, body, and limited mind.

When the SOUL is 'exteriorized' it can work outside of what is called the SLAVE-mind or limited mind.

This is what is called in METAPSYCHICS:


The mind creates and controls the other five senses as the SIXTH SENSE of the SOUL, not the limited mind, body, or environment.

The SOUL of man is that part of man or woman that is 'Aware that it is aware.'

The SOUL is your CONSCIOUSNESS and NOT the creation of our consciousness which is seeing, hearing, tasting, smelling, and touching.

This is how the SOUL communicates with your MIND, BODY, ENVIRONMENT, OTHER PEOPLE, and etc.

The mind can 'act' as the final SENSE to all the other senses. This is possible when the person controls his world by his SOUL instead of his MIND or BODY.

We call this in the science of the SOUL, METAPSYCHICS, SOUL CONTROL!


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