Have you noticed that one of the habits that trips up your intentions is getting stuck in the disempowering stories? Those stories can be so overwhelming that sometimes it may seem as if they were the ONLY truth.

However, most of what you remember of an event is filtered through a collection of beliefs, which in themselves may be far from the truth. There are lots of possibilities streaming in your environment right now. It’s your focus and flexibility in perception that will determine your bandwidth of experience.

Actually there’s no special skill set to shift your perception and embody your intentions. You just have to choose to back up your intentions with your energy on a regular and consistent basis. You have everything that you need to design the life that is a unique and vibrant expression of you. You just need to know it, on ALL levels. It’s not useful to have it in your head, to know it intellectually. You must experience it in your body, and in your world, on a regular and consistent basis.

We’ve all had moments of intense clarity and even experienced blips of enlightenment. The rub is sustaining it and fully embodying the new. Here are three tips that are sure to expand your perception, clarify your intentions and embody your innate power:

1. Take responsibility for ALL of your life right now – the good, the bad, and the beautiful. This isn’t about dredging up the past or self-chastisement. This is about moving into action right now with what you KNOW needs moving.

2. Be impeccable in your thoughts AND words. Choose to embody the energy of who you are deciding to be. How would that man or woman speak, feel, move, etc? They certainly wouldn’t be talking down to themselves.

3. Step into your power. No more coming from a reactive, explosive, super charged place of emotion and woundedness (i.e., victim). Be the real deal, be your quirky out-of-the-box self in everything you do. No more blending into the background and morphing into canned behaviors and acceptable personas.

Things change as your focus shifts. Noticing is an indispensible awareness tool on this adventure. In observing what is, it changes. There’s no doing in this, just being. And in your being lies your power.

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Adela Rubio is a Joint Venture Strategist who helps coaches and creatives share their message and build their tribe using engaging listbuilding strategies. She is an expert at creating experiential online virtual events that position you to free your Unique Essence, share your Authentic Message and power boost your reach with Joint Ventures. Let Adela teach you how powerful partnerships can be. Download Adela's free audio "Creating Powerful Partnerships" at http://adelarubio.com today!