ZohoCRM has always been a popular choice among businesses, no matter what their age, size or industry. And there is good enough reason for that. ZohoCRM is quite easy to use after an initial ZohoCRM training. There are plenty of experienced Zoho CRM consultants out there that can help businesses in getting the most out of CRM. It offers a number of add-on modules that can add a whole new level of versatility and efficiency. And to top it all off ZohoCRM is very competitively priced which makes it affordable for all businesses. But they don’t just stop there. Throughout the years ZohoCRM has seen many new updates that add to its functionality and improve the overall user experience and its effectiveness. The latest ZohoCRM iteration offers some major features that can help the business grow even more and can help improve their sales. Here we take a look at one of the most important one- ZohoZia.

ZohoZia- Zia is the AI-powered sales assistant for ZohoCRM that has been newly introduced in the latest iteration. Now sales process just got smarter with the launch of Zia, the AI-powered sales assistant that suggest workflows, detects anomalies and much more. While analytics and forecasting have become a de facto industry standard when it comes to CRM software, Zia uses machine learning and data mining to not only learn from existing data but also adapt to the information its CRM is fed every day. This ensures that the data and suggestions generated are more accurate and realistic. Here are three major benefits that Zia offers to business-

•Zia helps you point out the anomalies in the performance data, be they good or bad. It helps detect early on if something is not going the way it should. Be it a generation of leads, a number of calls, deal closures or anything; Zia keeps an eye on everything and all the time. It reports any anomalies that surface so that corrective measures can be taken at the right time.

•Zoho takes predictions and suggestions to the next level. Tired of unread emails and unreceived calls? Zia formulates a virtual profile of every customer through the present data and offers accurate predictions as to what are the most likely times the person is available for calls or checks out his or her emails. This helps improve the overall efficiency of communication in the sales channel.

•Zoho Zia is a smart and adaptive system. It carefully observes the usage and behavior of the user. It is constantly learning from this data and if there is an operation that the user does even infrequently but repeatedly, it learns and automates the whole process saving the user lots of time and hassle.
That’s not all. Zia is already a part of Zoho CRM enterprise plan so you don’t need to pay anything extra to use it and grow your company’s sales and opportunities.

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