It might be difficult to immediately associate the current Eurozone crisis with Health and Fitness and Mental Health but certainly not with Money, Career Planning and Retirement issues. Hardly a day goes by without the crisis deepening and Greece or now Spain ready to implode in the financial sense.

Dealing firstly with Health and Fitness it can be an impossible job to avoid depression with this daily barrage of bad news about the markets and the stock exchanges around the world. Of course, the advice will be to turn off the television and radio and blank out the news but this will neither solve the crisis nor ultimately solve any existing depression. During the 1930s there was the Great Depression and people immediately after the Wall Street Crash had been throwing themselves out of buildings so please do not let anyone tell you this crisis will not be affecting many people. From Mental problems a state of lethargy might also be gradually appearing. Mental health can be seen to affect physical health and so we must look out for the signs. Are we eating the right foods? Are we taking enough exercise? Are we helping ourselves overcome this barrage of negativity? Do we understand what is really going on?

Personally, I don't think many can understand what is really happening. If any club existed where one member continually defaulted on payments or subscriptions the other members would soon ask for the offending member to be thrown out. Is there more to the whole affair than meets the eye? Doesn't Greece have the largest tanker fleet in the world? Doesn't America have massive untapped oil reserves? These are my suspicions and now Spain's Banking system is going to be given billions of euros. How can that solve any problems? The Bankers will just lend out the money or gamble it on the stock exchanges around the global economy. My point is that I understand more than I usually realise but I cannot do anything about it. So how can I stop from being depressed?

Firstly, I must look at the foods I am eating and ensure it is always as near to nature as I can get. Cut out the processes. Cut out the sugars and unnecessary fats.Don't overeat. I can drink water and plenty of it. I don't need alcohol although a little tipple now and again never did anyone any harm. I can do all this for myself.

Secondly, I can keep exercising. I don't have to compete in the Olympics but I can keep my body flexible by daily stretching. I can take walks and swim. I can park my car away from buildings and walk a little extra. I can walk up the stairs wherever there is this option. I can keep this daily routine and stay physically in the best shape I can.

Finally, I can limit the amount of time I listen to the news bulletins. I can watch various stations and look for bias. This makes the news more interesting to follow. Living in Spain I can even watch it is another language. I can also keep myself informed as much as I can from all sources around the globe. I must also balance this kind of learning with some lighter material to give myself the chance to laugh and see the humorous side of life. I can also be thankful for what I have in life and look after the interests of my family and friends. I have a religion so I can also pray whenever I feel the need. I do think the word crisis is appropriate and I remind myself that the only thing constant is change. Things will change eventually but that is part of my strategy for coping. I hope it gives some ideas and help.

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Vince Treacy is a teacher, podcaster and broadcaster. He has a BA from studying Community Studies and Recreation and a B. Phil (Ed) in Education studies. He has a teaching certificate and a Diploma in Journalism and a Diploma in Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy. Visit the website at