Author Hugh Prather from the Quiet Answer states, “you need never fear your desires or run from your fantasies.”
A woman, gentle as a flower, graceful like a swan – a most beautiful elegant species. Yes, WE hold those beautiful qualities and now to learn to embrace these amazing qualities in each one of us. We are captivated by beautiful women as a society. Movie stars that grace our screens – one graceful actress in my humble opinion is Angelina Jolie. I watched her recently in the movie “The Tourist” with Johnny Depp; they opened the movie with her walking the streets of Paris. She was adorned with a figure, elegant and truly sophisticated, exquisite clothing adorned her body and what made her even more beautiful was her delicate walk. As the camera panned her from every angle – she floated across the pavement. Watch someone’s walk – it will tell you a lot about that person. I hope this blog allows us to think about the way we walk as women. I believe we really need to embrace our femininity and accept the fact that we were made WOMEN. Let’s really enjoy the fact of this. We were created with so much beauty within, that it shines out of us.
Let’s pay attention to our walking – being mindful is a start. Notice a woman that walks gracefully. She looks taller, more confident and truly beautiful!
The title of this blog is the Spirit of a Woman. The spirit lies deep within each of us and from that inner place it extends out to the world to see. Values, morals, character are all connected to the spirit. When we walk with conviction, with purpose we are telling the world you want to be respected, to be honored as the beautiful woman that you are!
I ask that we be aware and notice our walks, our feminine spirit and I join you in walking taller in confidence and in love for yourself!
Remember, may the possibilities of today excite us all!

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I am Nancy Shields, I am a woman with a passion and a vision of inspiring and empowering others to be better people for themselves and in turn for the world! I encourage others to grow in their daily lives; to be open to change. I have compassion for the human race and want to encourage through words of wisdom.

Eleanor Roosevelt stated, "the future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams." My dream has been to encourage and empower women. My passion is to inspire through words of love and understanding. has been created for women to meet.share and inspire one another.

We put so much emphasis on sites where men meet women but I found in life that my girlfriends have been there for me through life's challenges. The importance of great friends is what inspired me to create this site for women.

Be part of the inspiration and part of this adventure we call life!