If you want allergy free floors and want to add value to the looks of your home, then wooden flooring is your best choice, from among the thousand flooring alternatives that is available in the market today. Though it’s actually tough to choose what exact kind of wood you would like as flooring in your home as there are countless list of wood floor options to choose from including what finish you would like to have, and what style fancy your imagination. From home décor magazines, It can be very helpful to collect images, to build up a better image of the kind of floor you want your home to have.

Gloss wooden flooring is currently the style which is in high demand and suits almost all patterns of interior décor. There is a variety of material that now comes under the wooden floor territory, from White oak to Cherry wood or bamboo, which has now joined the bandwagon of wood flooring. Darker woods are more conducive to disguising stains, so people with pets, or small children will want to opt for dark wood as a flooring choice. With gloss wooden flooring you can opt for different styles the same kind that you have available to you in case of other flooring options. For a varied tonal affect you could even opt for dark wood planks contrasted with lighter wood planks. Texturizing is also possible if you are really interested in having that kind of effect.

There is nothing to say about finishes when we are discussing about gloss wooden flooring. First you have to decide the kind of gloss that you want on your floor. It could be medium gloss, satin gloss, or high mirror gloss. The key is to find out what is the right look for your home, and you can choose from Shellac to lacquers to high gloss. If you want to protect your floor from damage, then high gloss wooden flooring is the perfect option for you, especially in high traffic areas where visitors are coming and going such as hallways.

Wooden flooring surfaces are ideal to get creative with, whether you want natural tones or more decorative motifs. The existing color of the natural wood can be sealed with layers of clear wax, or a proprietary transparent sealer in either a gloss or a matt finish. But a glossy finish is far more attractive and eye catching than a matt finish, as it lends a sophisticated look to even the drabbest of furniture. A stenciled motif can easily be applied and really adds a touch of luxury to your floors. To protect the design work, you should seal the floor with transparent sealer after the glossy paint has completely dried.

The last but not the least important factor, which you should consider while choosing high gloss wooden flooring is that of your budget. While some woods just cost more to install, some are more expensive than others. Once you decide how much you are ready to spend then you can select the wood of your choice. Also, consider factors like durability, resiliency, and maintenance when you choose to go for wooden flooring.

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The author of this article is Jeo Nash, who has been in the business of home decoration for the past ten years, during which time she has studied the growing demand for gloss wooden flooring.