India is famous for its amazing culture, tasty cuisine, landscapes, and heritage sites. India is a large and vast country with many faces. India is also many tourist attractions to visit during a first or second trip.

Preparations to travel India

If you plan to travel to India soon, the first thing you should know is that to enter the country you will need a Indian visa.

You need to know how to process your visa to travel to India as a tourist.

The Indian e-visa to travel to India as a tourist can be processed online (for stays less than 60 days, with a maximum of two entries to the country) or through VFS GLOBAL (for stays of up to 6 months, or those who prefer to delegate all formalities). It can be done by applying online tourist visa for india.

Live more than a trip

Going out of classic tours is the best way to immerse you in the heart of the country. Do not do like everyone else.

By practicing a responsible tourism in India, one discovers a completely different aspect of the country, far from the usual clichés and prejudices. The curious traveler, who decides to travel differently in India, is certain to live an unforgettable experience.

Immerse yourself in the intimacy of this endearing people, hoping to decipher this extraordinary world, to finally learn to love India as it really is.

A cultural scene and amazing urban life will mark you forever, so there are ten most beautiful places in India to visit:


Jaipur is also recognized as the Pink City. This name is not related to the gay community of India. This nickname comes from its beautiful buildings that were originally painted in pink to reflect the typical red sandstone architecture of the Mughal towns. Jaipur is also a must in the Rajasthan region. You will have quick access to the Taj Mahal and New Delhi by going to Jaipur. Among the must-see attractions of the city, the fascinating City Palace and the temples are definitely worth a visit.


Varanasi is a unique city in India. With its history and its spiritual richness, Varanasi has become the ideal place to make way for a moment of relaxation in the north of the country. The city was founded in the 11th century BC. Varanasi is a sacred city for Hindus and Jains. The river Ganga is very important for the locals who venerate her.


One of the most beautiful cities in India, Udaipur is famous for its lakes, temples, and palaces. Many romantic landscapes are in the spotlight in this small city of India. Udaipur is a colorful city where the colors live are well received. A city not to be missed!


In a recent survey, Bangalore was named as the most livable city in India. Many large green spaces are available throughout the city. Although in recent years, these spaces are less and less present, Bangalore is a fascinating city where technology is king. Bangalore is also famous as the Silicon Valley of India.

New Delhi

New Delhi is the capital of India. Sheltering the powers of parliament, judicial and legislative. New Delhi is more than a capital. It is also a cultural center and a large metropolis open to the world. Many cultural and artistic activities are held every year in the heart of the city. It is also an interesting place to make a gastronomic and culinary discovery. The nightlife of New Delhi is also interesting. Tourists will also enjoy visiting temples located throughout the city


Chennai is one of the most beautiful cities in southern India. The unique culture of the rest of the country, a visit to this city will mark you. Chennai is a cosmopolitan city while keeping its Indian character. Tradition blends with modern life. The local population is evolving and growing. Chennai is recognized as a medical tourist destination.


Located in southern India, Mysore is far from being the most touristic city in the country. However, she deserves a visit. With more than 1000 years of history, Mysore is recognized worldwide for its yoga centers. If you are looking for a place to retreat to practice your yoga, Mysore is the place to go.


The name of the city of Agra may not tell you anything. However, if we talk to you about the Taj Mahal. That should tell you something! It is in the mythical city of Agra that the famous Taj Mahal is located. The most famous monument of India. It is one of the most amazing places to visit before you die.


There are sometimes cities we love and others hate. Without really understanding why opinions are so decided. This is the case for the city of Calcutta. Some tourists will find Calcutta as a charming city. Others will say that it is shocking. Capital cultural, there are beautiful gardens and houses to visit.


Located along the sea, Mumbai, also known as Bombay, is an important metropolis of India. It is the largest city in the country. Port city, it represents the commercial heart of the country. It is also in Mumbai that the Hindi film industry has developed greatly with the famous Indian Bollywood.


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