While being a bookkeeper offers some job openings, there are some which are only available to certified bookkeepers. Being a certified bookkeeper shows that you have a level of skill and knowledge that ensures you can carry out all accounting functions that a small business with less than 100 employees needs. To become certified, there are some steps that you will need to complete and some information that you will need to know about.

The Accrediting Agency

To become a certified bookkeeper, you will need to work with the American Institute of Professional Bookkeepers which is the only agency that provides this accreditation. The institute was founded in 1987 and currently has more than 30,000 members. The mission of the agency is to have bookkeepers recognized as accounting professionals and to ensure that all bookkeepers are up to date with tax changes and other accounting practices. Once you are a certified member of the agency, you will also have access to their job board which helps their members find good career opportunities.

Take An Exam

To become certified, you will have to complete a 4 part examination which includes two workbook exams and four tests. To prepare for the examination, you will need to be able to answer questions about deferrals, accruals and other adjustments which can be made. You will also need to understand payroll concepts, depreciation expenses for tax and book as well as revenue recognition concepts.
The accreditation exam has been created to test your knowledge of accounting practices, fraud prevention, and internal controls. The agency’s website offers a range of study materials that you can use to prepare for the exam. However, you will need to pay a small fee to access the content that could appear on the examination.

There are other requirements that you will also need to meet before you can take the exam. The first is that you will need to have at least two years of full-time bookkeeping experience before you are eligible for the exam. You also have to sign a Code of Ethics which you must adhere to after taking the exam.

The Exam Dates And Fees

When you are ready to take the certification exam, you can book a date with one of the 500 Prometric testing centers in the country. You can find out which one is the closest to you on the agency’s website. It is important to note that there are certain dates when the exams are done, but they are held throughout the year.

To take the exam, you will need to pay a registration fee which varies depending on whether or not you are a member of the American Institute of Professional Bookkeepers. For members, the fee will be $25 while non-members will have to pay $60. To complete all parts of the exam, you will need to be able to pay an overall cost of $200.

To keep your certifications, you will need to adhere to the continuing education requirements. You will have to complete 30 hours each year of continuing education to maintain the certification. For more information visit bookkeeping.com

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