If a company functions consistent with a good strategic management procedure, the company is able to define a marketing plan that would distinguish it from its competitors and leverage its main strong points. It would also enable the company take the essential actions to internalize its marketing plan with all the stakeholders of the company, including its customers, employees, suppliers and owners, taken into consideration. Additionally, the company would also be able to begin observing enhancements in its income and productivity. This is at all times an exciting moment for a company. Drive would begin to run high all the way through the company. A novel strategic trend can be put into practice, and this can lead to development in profits and earnings. This would make everyone in the company happy and would create a constructive setting.

One possibly will inquire: if returns and income have been previously growing, why go the extra mile? While results from a correctly carried out strategic management process would begin to show by now, the company still has to carry out the necessary work that would optimize those results as well as to maintain them in the long run. Performance evaluation is the means by which we can measure and reward the performance of people and the business units for functioning in a way that is in harmony with the market strategy of the business. Rather plainly, the performance evaluation procedure should reward actions that leverage and solidify the market strategy of the business.

Management accounting strategies can be effective strategic management tools. Management intelligence or internal productivity and performance reports are generated rooted in a set of distinct management accounting theories. As a result, the management accounting strategies must be devised appropriately for management intelligence to be effective. To boot, management accounting theories convey why raises, bonuses, and vertical movements can be good ways to communicate internally.

From a strategic procedure viewpoint, it is necessary that performance assessments mirror the metrics that have been developed in management intelligence reports. The same is true for performance ratings and raises, bonuses, as well as promotions that go along with them. This makes sure that the performance appraisal process underlines the strategic direction and market strategy of the business.

We can learn more about these through short courses on strategic management that might be recommended by a team building consultant. In this way, we can truly transform the business into synergistic operational unit where everyone works collaboratively to bring the market strategies into reality.

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