Allah the Almighty sent down the 1 lac 24 thousand prophets to guide the people who had forgotten Allah’s instructions and His righteous way. When Allah felt that humankind need a Messenger and director who will lead His creation towards Him then He sent down the Messenger immediately. There are many prophets that are famous for their remarkable stories such as Hazrat Adam (A.S), Hazrat Noah (A.S), Hazrat Yousaf (A.S), Hazrat Ibrahim (A.S), and Hazrat Mousa and ESA (A.S), Our Beloved Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) etc. The Muslim brothers and sisters visit these places where the holy incidents occurred through Islamic Travel Offers Cheapest Three Star Ramadan Umrah Packages 2019 with Group with Hotel and Flight every year.

Now, we discuss the story of one of the prophets, Hazrat Ibrahim (A.S) that is famous for his fire and son’s Qurbani incidents. He used to watch people when He was a young boy, who Ibadah idols and thinking them their lords. But He was very wise and got understand these things are ridiculous and worthless. Therefore, one day he asked his father why people worship these idols and I didn’t think people should worship these objects as a god. But, his father got angry and said don’t say anything again about our lords.

One day, He chopped off the heads of all objects that were made by humans, but he didn’t chop off the biggest one and hung the axe that he used to destroy the idols around his neck. Next day the people were shocked to see this scene and they had known that this act was done by Hazrat Ibrahim (A.S).

They idiot people got angry and They prepared a deep hole with fire and putting down the Hazrat Ibrahim (A.S) in it. But, in the ordered of Allah the Almighty the fire to be cool for him and he came out without any single injury. But, people were dumb and blind, they didn’t believe in Allah’s miracle.

Then He got married to Hazrat Sarah, but Allah hadn’t granted with kids. Then He married Hazrat Hajara and Allah blessed him with a boy whose name was Hazrat Ismail (A.S). And Qurbani incidents happened and Eid of Adha was granted by Allah. But, first people perform Hajj and then celebrate Eid with true spirit.

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