Young girls across the world visualise this day from a very early age. The style of the dress, the people invited, bridesmaids, the venue itself, and last but not least the groom himself. These are but a portion of the factors that go into making up a wedding. Your wedding day should be the happiest day of your life, but one thing is for certain - the days, weeks and months leading up to the wedding are likely to be some of the most stressful days of your life!

So here I am looking to dispense some wisdom and help you sleep better at night whilst attempting to organise that fairytale wedding.

Get the big things sorted first.

Have you ever had a job so large and daunting that you put off starting it till the latest possible moment? I know I have and it has resulted in some pretty late nights working hard to hit a deadline. The funny thing is that being proactive and starting something early will always result in a smoother process, so when it comes to the wedding try to organise the large issues first.

For example, sort out your wedding venue. Some brides might want a themed wedding, or a beach wedding. A lot just want a lovely and more importantly memorable venue. My cousin ended up getting married at a large country estate in Staffordshire. It provided a stunning backdrop over the estate and the actual building has more history than many countries. Country weddings are becoming increasingly popular as more and more people migrate to the city. That might at first appear to be a bit of a contradiction, but for a wedding a large country house is not only very private but also an idyllic setting.

Another large issue is sorting out who you want to invite. Remember that not everyone will be able to make it, and people also like to plan ahead. As such, it is imperative to get your invites out as early as possible to give your guests enough time to book trains, flights or hotels in advance(also to take time off work if necessary!).

Allow enough time for tasks.

Like cleaning a house, if you think it will take 3 hours allow for 6. Things always take longer than you originally think even if you give a very conservative estimate. So don’t overload yourself as this will inevitably lead to a more stressful day. Break things down into small pieces and tackle one at a time....then move onto the next one. This is a much less stressful way of going about organising such a massive event rather than trying to do 4 things at once and just stressing yourself out!


Brides (and grooms) tend to work themselves up by worrying about the smallest issues. People will come - it is your wedding day and trust me if they are good friends they will make the effort. If one company lets you down there will always be another. Easier said than done, but try not to let the whole occasion get on top of you. Relax. And when in doubt, listen to Baz Lurhmann’s sunscreen song. It puts everything into perspective.

So whether you end up getting married on a beach, in a large country estate or on top of a mountain, just remember that the most important piece in this giant puzzle is that you have found someone that you want to spend the rest of your life with..unless you get married in Vegas.

Author's Bio: 

Narendra Sharma is a freelancer writer, entrepreneur and content marketer. He is also the CEO of LB Store. He lives in Jaipur with his wife and three daughters and love to spend quality time with his family.

You can follow me at twitter @logicseo