In the study of Tarot, one must begin with the basics. So, let us take some time to delve into the Suits of the Tarot deck. These suits refer to the Minor Arcana, the 52-card portion of a Tarot deck that resembles a modern deck of playing cards. This Minor Arcana may not necessarily be as instantly recognizable as the cards of the Major Arcana, such as the Lovers, The world, or the Death card; however, the Minor Arcana are the cards that make up the fabric of one's tarot reading.

So let us look at one of the four suits, so that you, too, can begin to understand tarot as you go through the process of self-discovery and growth as you either begin to perform your own readings, or find a reader who suits you. The first suit that we will discuss is the suit associated with water, the suit of Cups.

The suit that identifies most with water, Cups is a fascinating suit that correlates with the modern playing deck's suit of hearts. They have been called chalices, vessels, grails and cauldrons depending on the interpretation of the deck, but on the whole identifies with sacred vessels used for holding holy waters. The divinatory meanings of each card(excluding Court Cards, as we will discuss those separately) is as such:

Ace of Cups - In the suit of cups, this card indicates a beginning with an emotional nature. This card often represents the beginning of a relationship or love-based situation, or even the birth of a child in one's future.

Two of Cups - As with all the suits, the notion of two will signal an element of duality in anything. In this tarot suit, though, it represents the notion of two hearts and minds coming together in a union, so this often represents the joining of a relationship to a marriage.

Three of Cups - Showing three maids dancing, this card is a universal signal of a time of merriment and to celebrate.

Four of Cups - A tarot card wherein the youth in the picture has three cups before him and a fourth being offered, yet nothing seems to satisfy. This card represents a lack of fulfilment and boredom.

Five of Cups - As five represents difficulty in tarot, this card represents a time wherein all may seem lost, but there is hope, if only one can see it.

Six of Cups - This tarot card represents a time of happier memories and yet looking to the past for the good memories. This often represents gifts from the past.

Seven of Cups - As the numbers grow, this card cautions one from building their dreams on non-existent foundations and having too many goals without focus.

Eight of Cups - This card represents ignoring the good all around one in order to pursue a journey or to be restless.

Nine of Cups - This card specifically represents one's wish. This card ensures that your wish will come true.

Ten of Cups - This card is representative of completion, a family and a happy marriage.

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