Have a look at the brand new cinematic (read: CG, not-actual-gameplay-but-still-really-cool) trailer over in preparation for the game's launch. Trailer Was Just Released For The Surge 2.

If you want to see some gameplay, then we have that too. Take a look at the video below to watch the first 16 minutes of the campaign.

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The post-apocalypse is coming to the big town in the Surge two's pre-launch story trailer. Now's trailer gives fans their first glimpse of the game's new characters also includes a short, but still mysterious, description of the game's story.

The story of The Surge 2 appears to put players in the shoes of a brand-new personality as they research the futuristic Jericho City. It is a huge departure from the first game, which happened in the interior of a destroyed industrial laboratory. As they explore the Jericho, players will encounter"Nano-Cultists," the ruling administration's military power tasked with maintaining order. They will also cross paths with a mysterious woman named Athena.

The threads linking The Surge 2 using its predecessor are still a bit of a mystery. The activity is set sometime after the conclusion of the first game, which concerned the launching of something called the Utopia rocket. The weapon was initially intended to help save the Earth by killing off 95% of life on the planet, but players could come across a certain item in the game that would produce the rocket benign. That gives the game a slightly different end. It is not entirely clear from today's trailer which end is canonical. For now, it is not even clear whether or not the original game's main character, Warren, will take a look in The Surge 2.

The Surge 2 will be released on Sept. 24 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Suprise hit action-adventure title, The Surge is getting an equally astonishing sequel. Developer Deck 13 and writer Focus Home Interactive will once again join forces to attract fans The Surge 2. According to an official announcement from Deck 13, fans of the original game can anticipate a lot of its finest qualities to come back within this in-development sequel.

"The Surge two retains what fans and critics loved about the first while also enlarging greatly upon the formula," reads a statement from the developers. "The Surge 2 occurs in a brand-new surroundings: a sprawling, devastated city with bigger and more challenging level design, made possible by Deck13's upgraded and improved engine."

The Surge distinguished itself from the considerable competition by its use of an unbelievable dystopian world where technology is capable of making you whole (at a price, of course) and the aforementioned time-targeting system. Together with Nioh, The Surge proved there is life in the tiny sub-genre that Dark Souls helped carve out. It had been well-made and at times truly innovative.

The programmers also promise to extend the original game's limb-targeting system - a brilliant mechanic that compels you to look at the strengths of your opponent's as well as what you want to salvage from their own bodies - and will probably add more of just about everything featured in the first game. In least, that comprises more weapons, drones, abilities, and implants.

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