Make your Christmas complete with Poinsettia

Looking for a decorative plant during these dark days? Poinsettia (Poinsettia) comes in surprising colors and shapes.

Striking Colors

The red Poinsettia is known as poinsettia, but he goes through life as a winter plant. It is also available in other colors like white, cream, lemon, salmon pink and purple? You can choose the color that fits your decor.

Proper Care

Poinsettia is best reflected as he stands in a bright spot without direct sunlight. This flower require regular water, as long as it is warm. Then it's easier for him to give warmth to you.


Poinsettia is a plant full of "best wishes". In 19th century, this plant was discovered by the American Joel Poinsett in Mexico. He sent the plant each year as a gift to his family and friends in America. The plant was soon called Poinsettia and became a symbol for love and congratulations. Moreover, he started this new tradition, which eventually dies. December 12 was named Poinsettia Day in America. On that day, people give Poinsettia as gift to their family, friends, neighbors and colleagues.

Poinsettia gift

In the Netherlands, December is a time when people wish each other lots of love and happiness. So are you still looking for a special gift? Make someone happy with a poinsettia!

Poinsettias in your home

Check out the history of the poinsettia and have some fun ideas for the Poinsettia in your home. Put different colors together in a bowl, and put them in bags or hang them on. Do you have a great Styling tip with Poinsettia? Let this behind the reactions.

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Misty Jhones