The arrival of the Internet as a repository of resources, let's say you have "socialized" the survey, making some of you have lost the scientific perspective and we enter the dangerous world of "with a template I do a survey and I get free".

That is very good if you are a student or do not need too much reliability. Surveys are more than those graphs or infographics that appear in newspapers or on television, making a survey is more complicated than adding answers and dividing by the total.

In this article we will try to explain the advantages of online surveys, from two dimensions: That of the online survey as a Market Research method, designed by professionals, with representative sample and careful subsequent analysis of the data and that we all have at reach only by writing on Google "Online Surveys".

You can also earn money or some kind of rewards by completing these surveys, these techniquesare used to attract customer by many big brands like Kroger Customer Satisfaction Survey providing fuel points after survey competition. 

Just as managing corporate social networks - the Branding of a company is not a Community Manager course and that's it - Market Research, however rudimentary, is based on methodology. It is science and, therefore, has some parameters that if not met we will talk about data, but not reliable, useful and usable data.

Advantages of online surveys

Online surveys did not exist until new technologies have allowed it, obviously, so we can say that it is one of the youngest methods, but in spite of it the most used.

Some of the main advantages they bring us are the following:


Online surveys are obviously economical. I say obviously because everything associated with the network is intrinsically economic, due to the reduced cost of dissemination and development.

Also, the production per survey unit is reduced, since there is no price difference for the volume of questionnaires, nor the answers to be introduced in the analysis software, since its management is programmed. So far, the surveys done by Market Research companies.

Economical of course they are also at the production level, for those who go to one of the multiple websites and applications, to choose a certain volume pack of questionnaires (possibly even free).

The appropriateness or not of the cost for whom a survey is carried out will depend on the results expected.


This, which is an advantage at the same time, will be treated later as an inconvenience, but we are going for the good.

A brief questionnaire means that it has a lower level of abandonment and that the answers are more “concrete”, that is, it forces us to synthesize, something that is easy to say, but less to do, especially if you are not excessively accustomed to write questionnaires


In a few days, even in a few minutes, we can get high response fees, especially if the promotion is appropriate. Here is also the difference between what an experienced market research company can do to get answers, or self via Facebook, contacts, a mailing, which is not always well segmented.


They are perfect as an opinion test on technological issues, on a website, on purchases made online, on segments of the population very familiar with technology.

We have it relatively easy in the case of satisfaction surveys, for users who have email and authorization to contact.

Provide value

Ask your customers, suppliers, users, always, adds value. A survey at the end of a purchase process, after receiving a maintenance service, etc.… favors the image of the brand, because it shows concern for a job well done. If we also add that this survey appears automatically on your screen, just at the end of the service, the value increases.

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